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Written on July 21, 2021


Meet the ‘designer by day, dreamer by night’ who believes in an open-minded approach to anything within her business, life experience, and relationships. Amber Boucher is a powerful, yet soft-hearted woman who’s inviting imaginative, inspiring, and hopeful people – while creating a foundation for her branding studio.


T: You call yourself a Designer by day, dreamer by night. How does your dreamer-side meet the designer throughout your work?

A: Generally speaking, I’m a very fanciful person. I’m always getting inspired by everything around me; and while I have developed more of a definitive style over the years, I still think the power of fusion and imagining something new out of two different elements makes any creation so much more interesting.

T: You made a big decision by going far out of your comfort zone and moved to Berlin to pursue your education in design. What is the one thing you’ll never forget about this experience?

A: My experience in Berlin taught me so much about myself ultimately, and it helped me gain insight into other points of view, redefine and strengthen my values. Being in a completely different space culturally really pushes you to see so much from a different perspective.

T: What can we expect from you in terms of your career development this upcoming year?

A: 2021 is a year of construction and inspiration. My focus is to educate myself as much as I can and utilize all of the resources I have to create the foundation for a branding studio.

T: Could you give some insights into an important sign the universe has given you on a big decision?

A: With some of the hardest decisions in my life, I’ve always felt an inclination to not take life so seriously, Including myself. Being aware, staying cognizant of the world around me and also myself, and understanding the subtleties of knowing what I want and what society wants for me has always led me in the right direction.

T: Over the years you’ve developed your personal style in fashion. I’ve read you’re leaning towards feminine touches paired with dark and classic cuts. Could you elaborate on your style and tell us how it’s intertwined with your personality?

A: Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy and I always admired my mother and older sister for their feminine style. I also was drawn to classic cuts and dark colors because they always felt powerful, and a bit masculine. Duality is a common theme in my life that I like to play with, aesthetically and beyond.

T: Who are you inviting to this new chapter of your life and how will you gain these people?

A: Imaginative, kind, inspiring, and hopeful people. I strongly believe that you have to be what you want to attract in life – and I want to fully step into these characteristics.


T: In one of your interviews and on your socials you repeatedly emphasize the importance of your family. What are the traits and actions you value the most about them?

A: Family or chosen family is crucial because I associate them with consistency, resilience, and supportiveness. Having this as a foundation is a breeding ground for so much possibility when you don’t have to go through the hurdles of life alone.

T: You seem like someone who’s constantly reflecting, trying to take lessons from experiences and grow afterward. What is the most recent lesson you’ve learned that you’ll take with you in the future?

A: Intuition is something that’s often overlooked but extremely valuable. Trusting yourself in the process makes all of the difference in any situation.

T: What makes you feel empowered and the most confident version of yourself?

A: Freedom of limiting beliefs (fear, doubt, judgment) makes me feel the most empowered and also the most authentic.

T: What is your favorite place to be and why?

A: It’s really hard to narrow it down to one place – but Los Angeles really resonates with so many different sides of me. It’s has a calming, friendly, sunny disposition about it; but it also has the quickness and intense creative energy that really makes thrive.

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