TEN Women
Written on October 17, 2021


Meet the stunning Anbèr Kanun, the woman who creates the most beautiful content and who sends us positive vibes only. With a background in Marketing and Communications, she teaches us some key lessons about unleashing your creative side.


T: Which habits do you currently have that make you feel good?

A: Long walks and reading outside

T: What helps you to have your inner peace?

A: Knowing that everything I do, I do with positive intentions

T: If you had your podcast, what would it be about?

A: Being in harmony with your mind and how natural surroundings can create wealth of body and spirit.

T: From your point of view, what makes a good picture?

A: Your confidence showing through as well as your own signature/print

T: How do you bring out your creativity?

A: By taking a step back and look at things more detailed

T: What do you do to become a better self every day?

A: Self-reflection by giving myself honest feedback at the end of each day.

Instagram: @anberkanun

Written by TEN Women