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Written on January 30, 2023


Meet Asiah James, a warm-hearted speaker, marketer and strategist. Asiah genuinely cares about making a positive impact on people through her work, which matches her pursuit to bring people together. Her warm connection with both her creative mother and grandmother are fundamental for the woman she became today. Besides her passion for connecting, she also has a strong love for beauty, which is reflected, among other things, in her beautiful “signature” haircut.

T. How would your young-self react to your now-self?

A. My younger-self would be beaming with admiration if she was able to even grab a glimpse of the woman I am today. Not only would she be shook at how my career intentions are shaping up to be, she would be proud of how diligent I am in supporting my community while also grabbing every chance I have to spend with my loved ones. As a kid who dreamed big (and always will) to learn that the saying ‘it always works out’ is actually true – gamechanger.

T. What is unique about your creative work?

A. I pride myself on being a creative person who genuinely cares about making a positive impact on people through my work. I aim to bring an authenticity that is uniquely informed by life’s experiences to allow others to dream and reimagine the status quo. With this approach, my work often is a reflection of conversations I have amongst friends and influential yet niche concepts that warrant more attention from mainstream outlets.

T. What would you like to see more in the future in the creative industry?

A. I am excited for topics that are derived from various subcultures to have a larger stage within creative industries. There is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with people by unearthing narratives that circle our subconscious. And with the consistent evolution of technology, there are more evolving ways to connect with creative work that really speaks to you. I am looking forward to gaining access to a new lens of creatives with ideas that extend beyond what’s in reach.

T. How important is building a strong community to you?

A. Community to me is everything. It allows me to challenge myself which in turn expands those around me. I always say that I identify as a “connector,” where I am constantly building with people from all walks of life and positioning myself as the glue to aid more like minded conversations.

T. What would you like to impact the most within society?

A. I am working to create an impactful legacy that empowers Black women to embody joy in their everyday lives. I aim to create content, form connections and support others in finding joy wherever they are. For a passionate person like myself, it is easy to dismiss the small moments when chasing the goal. I hope to be a constant reminder that life really is just so good, if you take a step back and take it all in.

T. How do you define “success”?

A. Success for me is the ability to inspire others to dream beyond the norm and to dismiss limiting beliefs. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to create my own path based on my strengths, passions and interests. I’ve done this with help of others and I hope to continue lifting all people however and whenever I can. There is room for everyone at my table and I am so excited to continue new seats to mine.

T. Who is your biggest female role model?

A. My mother and my grandmother are the most creative and resilient women I have the honor of knowing and loving (my role models to say the least). It is inspiring to learn from women who lead with creativity to support community initiatives and the welfare of our family.

Instagram: xasiahx

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