TEN Women
Written on July 28, 2021


Awura Abena Simpe, a living example of an ambitious woman. She took charge of her career and grew her passion for connecting with Creative Women Collective.


T: How did you find the strength to start your own business?

A: Through the stories of the women in my circle I developed the courage to step out into the unknown: switching the corporate world for the creative one.


T: What’s your advice for a slower pace of life?

A: To schedule a 30-minute walk outside 3 days a week.


T: What’s your favorite place in the world?

A: Stockholm! I have visited the city 3 times already, and fall deeper in love every single time.

T: How do you feel stronger (physically or mentally)?

A: By connecting with my breath during meditation, yoga & breathwork.


T: What’s the title of your 32nd year?

A: The title has to be “The small things are the big things”.


T: What’s your definition of success?

A: To not live in the past, or be fixed on the future, but appreciate the here and now with all the up’s and downs.

Instagram: @awuraabena

Written by TEN Women