Written on January 26, 2022


We have had the great pleasure of interviewing Cathelijne Blok, who works in the media and art industry. She talks about what feminism means to her, how she selects art for her platforms, and more. Learn more about this outstanding woman and her inspiring words.


T: What means feminism to you?

C: Feminism stands for equality. Everyone must be able to give their own interpretation of it. But it’s mainly about striving for equality. As long as people do that, I think people can call themselves feminists. But you also have to stand up for it in times and places where equality is not self-evident.


T: What can make your day better? 

C: A meeting with a friend or a stranger that can inspire me. But also art and everything small in moments and seeing the big in them. 


T:  What is it about history that fascinates you?

C: It fascinates me because history tells us something about certain ideas and times. Also how we can build on that and change something. Being able to discover the basis and seeing certain ideas, but also seeing how ‘right and wrong’ are interpreted differently at times. And to keep discussing this with each other so that we can see and do things differently. 

T: How do you select art for your platform?

C: We talk with the team, with each other, about things we spot online and offline. That combination is very important. Especially focused on women and anyone who identifies as a woman.


T: What is your favorite place to be?

C: Very variable, it can be anywhere. It can be in something small. It can be in cities, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam or Rotterdam. It can also be with someone, being at home with someone, being at an unexpected place outside with sunshine and when you look up you see beautiful things. It can be the very places that give you that feeling of happiness. It also has to do with what you see, who is there and what you hear or smell. Let yourself be surprised by everything around you. 

T: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

C: I have been meditating for a while and try to read. Then I often listen to Radio 1 and read the news. That is the start of my day. 


T: Do you have a favorite kind of jewelry?

C: A lot, there are a few pieces of jewelry that I wear with memories, but also a few crazy items that I design myself. I am busy designing rings together with FeltAtelier. Those are coming out in the new year.