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Written on May 10, 2023


Meet Charlene, a PR & Communications Strategist for the art world and co-founder of Okra Agency. Born and raised in the Netherlands to Ghanian parents. She grew up immersed in a creative palette of people and cultures which made her develop an artistic view, a passion for aesthetics, and a love of storytelling.


T. What’s Okra Agency about and why it is important?

C. Okra Agency is an independent PR & Communications Agency whose focus is on amplifying the creative voices of BIPOC communities in the fields of art, design, architecture and cultural enterprise. We believe the creative voices of the POC community should be amplified in order to create a balanced creative landscape


T.  What do you love most about your work?

C. All of our clients deal with the question how to organize their communication so they can get the most out of their visibility.  I love to create communication strategies for our clients so their communication is structured and organized in the best way.   



T.  What do you find inspiring?

C. I love to visit museums and galleries to get inspired and broaden my view on society.


T.  How would you define creativity?

C. Creativity to me means the ability to approach things differently and and to dare to go off the beaten track.



T.  Who is your favorite artist, and why?

C. I simply love Lynette Yiadom’s paintings, but recently I got to see a live-size artpiece by Ghanaian artist Zohra Opuku at the TATE in London. Her photography is expressed through screen-printing and alternative photo processing on varieties of natural fabrics.


T. What have you learned about yourself over the years?

C. I have the right to try things out, learn and make mistakes. Whatever you set your mind to will come to you; Work, good health, even love!


Instagram: charleneaustin

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