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Written on July 4, 2024


Meet Elèn Letort, the creative behind Studio Elèn Letort & Les Objets Amsterdam. Specializing in interior design, concepts, and 3D designs, Elèn transforms spaces into unique and beautiful environments. Her passion for vintage treasures allows her to blend these pieces with contemporary design, creating a distinctive character in every project. From restaurants to private homes and offices, her work brings warmth and personality to each space.

T. Can you describe your core design philosophy and principles?

E. I strive to craft interiors with personality and warmth, combining vintage furniture with contemporary design pieces. My approach is often intuitive, focusing on ensuring that (built-in) furniture, materials, finishes and artwork harmonise with the architecture and overall space. In public space design, I thrive on conceptual thinking, as it constantly drives me to discover innovative ideas within the overarching concept.

T. What drew you to incorporate vintage sourcing into your projects, and how do you go about finding the perfect pieces? Can you share a memorable story of discovering a particularly unique vintage item?

E. I’ve always been passionate about vintage furniture. As a child, my mother would take me to brocantes and second-hand shops to hunt for unique gems. Watching her regularly transform our home’s interior was always captivating.

My first interior design job involved helping a woman I met to design her husband’s restaurant. I had to source contemporary horeca furniture, but it had to be affordable. I found the new brands lacked originality and didn’t match the quality of vintage furniture, which was built to last. This experience taught me that incorporating vintage elements into larger projects is achievable. However, sourcing larger quantities of vintage furniture, such as chairs, can be more demanding and time-consuming, requiring careful planning and dedication.

Discovering a one-of-a-kind piece still gives me an incredible rush and energizes me deeply. The excitement it brings is simply incomparable.

T. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when first establishing your studio, and how did you navigate through them?

E. One of the greatest challenges I faced was feeling somewhat isolated, without a mentor or peer to exchange ideas with. The business side presented some challenges for me, especially negotiating, advocating for myself, and setting fair prices for my services. You learn how to deal with certain situations along the way. The key is to establish clear and precise expectations right from the start.

T. Can you tell us about your first project as an independent studio? How did it come about, and what did you learn from that experience?

E. The first project I undertook as an independent studio was designing a hair studio and co-working space. The opportunity arose when the owner, who had visited a yoga studio I had designed for friends the year before, appreciated its aesthetics and wished to infuse a similar style into her own studio space.

T. What advice would you give to aspiring interior designers or entrepreneurs looking to start their own studio? What do you wish you had known when you were starting out? 

E. When thinking about starting a business, it’s essential to focus on every detail. However, the most crucial step for me was simply to begin, rather than getting stuck in  analysis, marketing strategies, and overthinking. While research is important, running a business involves constant fine-tuning. The best way to learn is by diving in and just going for it.

T. Who are the top 3  people or creatives that you look up to or draw inspiration from?

E. Necchi Architecture (their interiors are consistently unexpected: timeless but with a contemporary twist) , Charlotte Perriand (her furniture designs are still so relevant), Picasso (his cubist works, color usage and his relentless dedication to his work).

T. Is there something on your bucket list that you’re really excited about checking off someday?

E. I would love to design a hotel one day.

Instagram: studio.elenletort




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