Written on September 22, 2022


Meet Esmee Doorn, a creative freelance photographer who often shoots within the Fashion industry. Esmee has a unique touch to her visual language and is very creatively adapted to anything she puts her hands onto. Read the interview to find out more projects and tips she has to share.


T: How did your passion for photography start?

E: My passion for photography started after high school. Since I was a child I’ve always been creative with my mother. We would make paintings together and often visited museums. At one point I suddenly knew that I also wanted to be a photographer. From that point I’ve been working at my local Albert Heijn to put as much money aside for my first SLR camera. When I bought it I literally took it everywhere and started creating.  After this summer I started at University of Applied Photography which I’ve graduated from in 2017.


T: What is the first thing you do in the morning and why is that a priority?

E: The first thing I do in the morning after waking up is taking a shower and after that; drinking some slow coffee with my boyfriend. I really like a calm morning routine together with some nice music in the background.

T: Can you give us your 3 best personal growth tips?

E: The first tip I think of is, dare. I remember that it was quite a big move to Amsterdam. A city where I only knew a few people. It wasn’t always easy, but now I’ve lived here for 5 years and grew personally in my work. I have an office now, I met my boyfriend and overall have super nice friends in Amsterdam.

The second tip would be that hard work will pay off. Sounds cliche but it’s more than true. Investing a lot of time, effort in anything makes it come out in the end. If it’s an idea, your business or study just putting time and effort in makes it worth it in the end. That’s why I have experienced at least.

The third tip is try to enjoy everything and not stress too much. Just try to be in the moment. I experienced the stress before, during and after shoots and only realized when everything was done that I’d only stressed and not enjoyed the awesome shoot and the locations. So enjoy as much as you can in the moment and be proud when you’ve finished up. Regardless if anything could be done better next time around, that’s next time.

T:  Any specific job you still dream of and why that one? 

E: I don’t really have a big dream. I just like being a photographer and doing all sorts of jobs. But if I have to point something out that’s on my wishlist it would be a campaign for a big international high fashion company.

T: What is your relaxing routine? 

E: How I would relax in a day is starting right and not setting my alarm in the morning and waking up naturally. After getting out of bed, drinking a cup of slow coffee that my boyfriend made for me every morning and listening to some chill music. Last but not least a croissant from Gebroeders Niemeijer which is the best in town, but this is only on the weekends.

T:  What is the reason you started TAP CREATIVE SPACE and what would you like to achieve with it?

E: I’ve visited many photo studios and creative spaces in my work as a photographer. TAP creative space is my and my coworkers idea and feeling of a creative space that welcomes everyone in the creative world. It can be lonely as a freelancer and with TAP we’re here for you and try to inspire others as much as the space inspires us. Next to that the space is just very useful for multiple people in the creative industry which will introduce us to new people as well.

T: The job you did and are the most proud of, and why?

E: This would be the campaign I did last year for Warmbat. It was my first big campaign and it was shown on tv, radio and in cities or high ways around The Netherlands. It was an incredible feeling seeing your work throughout the city. Something I’m still very proud of!

Instagram: @esmeemonique