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Written on June 26, 2023


Introducing Ezri, a design researcher at a social design studio and a social psychologist. Her deep understanding of human behavior and passion for creating meaningful experiences led her to start a podcast, LIFE chats, with her friend. Where Psychology is the recurring theme. Ezri leverages her unique skill set to explore the intersections of  psychology, uncovering insights that shaped her journey into discovering herself.


T. What aspects of social psychology do you find most fascinating?

E. To me, social psychology is so very fascinating because it is everywhere, always. Every time you interact, every time you feel an emotion or even think, social psychology is relevant. It brings this deep and conscious awareness to all aspects of human behavior that you just get to carry with you as you move through life, which sometimes feels like a superpower. On the other side, this awareness really is something you must be willing to sign up for when you choose to study human behavior, because you can never turn it off. But I never regret having that knowledge.


T. Can you share a personal goal you are currently exploring?

E. Lately I have been focusing more than ever on staying close to myself spiritually; on a soul level. As I will become a mother soon, I know a new and unknown layer will be added onto my identity over the next couple of months. I am someone who has always had many passions and ambitions, but becoming a mother has made me put extra thought into which of many paths that I follow truly feel closest to my core. I strongly feel that whatever it is I put my time and energy into these days and moving forward, better be worth it.

T. How do you find inspiration in your everyday surroundings?

E. I have been actively practicing gratitude for over 10 years, which simply started with looking at the most mundane things and trying to see the beauty in them. At that time, I would never have guessed how much this practice would transform my life. It just seemed more fun to me to see a magical plant over a normal plant or a magical bird over a normal one. I wanted to live in my own beautiful bubble, almost as a form of escapism. But over time, the mindset of seeing the beauty and the good in things has extended to every aspect of my life. It has allowed me to be inspired very easily and by almost anything.


T. What other role does psychology play in your life?

E. Psychology is also the recurring theme in LIFE chats; the podcast that me and my good friend Jhelisa create and host together. As psychologists and friends, we discuss themes we would normally in private, and add psychological knowledge into the conversation. Give it a listen if you haven’t already!

T. What daily rituals or practices do you engage in to nourish your mind, body, and soul?

E.Mind: Every morning and evening, I write a few lines expressing gratitude. I also engage in affirmation meditation every morning.¬†Body: I have been info yoga for a long time, because it helps me ground. I also follow a plant-based diet and have a very weak spot for home-made juices and herbal teas. Lately I have been seriously prioritising physical self-care and beauty routines as I realised it has a big positive influence on my well-being. Soul: Uplifting music has been part of my morning routine for years now; I really believe the way you start off your morning impacts the rest of your day. Since the beginning of this year I have also been a big believer in 8-minute phone calls. I have a lot of friends who don’t live in my area and we are all more and more busy, so it’s not always possible to see each other. But no matter how busy you are, you have eight minutes to catch up. In the end, the calls never end at eight minutes, but having these conversations with my soul family regularly really nurtures my soul.

T. How do you define meaningful relationships?

E. I think meaningful relationships can take many different forms. But the people who I call my soul family, are the ones I feel a deep natural connection with, usually because we share such a similar kind of energy that we don’t need to explain ourselves. These are the kind of relationships that make you feel understood and at home and where you can completely be yourself. Relationships also tend to be meaningful to me when we share the value of personal growth and this is mutually being encouraged and practiced within the relationship.

T. Can you share a book or movie that changed your perspective on life and why?

E. As corny as it may be, when I read The Power of Now at 17, it changed my life. My mental health was at an all time low at that age and learning that we are not our thoughts and that thoughts can be observed, empowered me a lot. The book gave the insight that I did not need to respond to thoughts and emotions, but I could just let them be. I learned that I got to choose how situations impact me, which is an idea I never let go of.

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