TEN Women
Written on August 6, 2021


Meet Flossie, a stunning goddess whose feminine energy and dreamy soul radiates her sensuality. She shows that gentleness and magnetizing nature is our feminine strength.


T: What does It mean to you to be a woman?

F: Being the embodiment of strength. In spite of heartbreaks, disappointments, betrayal, and humiliation.. we still continue to flourish.

T: What helped you to identify your strengths?

F: From the natural occurrences of failing. Failing is not always a failure, to use failure often leads to greater success. Success is achieved by developing and recognising our strengths. See the pattern?

T: What in your life has brought you the greatest fulfilment?

F: Being in control of my own happiness.

T: If you could instantly make the world better, what would you do?

F: I’d introduce immediate action with global alleviation programs, non-discriminative laws to governments and implement a ‘heal the world’ act for which we as humanity restores and gives back what has been taken, whether this be to the people or the planet (nature and wildlife), consciously together.

T: Who has had the biggest impact on your career choice?

F: I am still to identify and pursue my passions as a career. As sincere as this is, Vogue. I am smitten with the involvement and art of editorial photography, I come ALIVE!

Instagram: @withflossie

Written by TEN Women