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Written on July 7, 2021


Meet Franka Vedder, entrepreneur, and designer of the classy and luxurious jewelry brand — Franky Amsterdam. She taps into her feminine energy with love for pleasure, elegance, and small details.


T: How do you make sure to keep your personal and work life in balance?

F: I find it quite difficult to have a balance between work and private life, as it often gets mixed up. Sometimes I still have to do some things at home for work, so my day almost never ends at 6:00 PM. I work hard, but I also enjoy having fun with friends. At times like that, I don’t think about work and I can clear my mind. I get so much energy from this.

T: How do you calm yourself in stressful situations?

F: To be honest, I never really suffer from stress. I strongly believe in the law of attraction and if you really believe that everything will be fine, then that will happen. As long as you really believe. In addition, I think that stress does not help to solve situations.

T: What’s your favorite nutritious meal for busy days?

F: I always eat food from Fresh Foodie. This is a company in which their chefs prepare a completely new and healthy menu full of varied meals every week. You can choose between variation, vegetarian, vegan, or keto. I try to eat vegetarian food as much as possible. This company brings me the fresh meals that I have chosen every week. Because of my busy job, I often still work in the evenings and I don’t have time to cook. I really want to live a healthy life and take good care of my body. This company helps me enormously with that.

T: How would your 10-year-old self react to what you do now?

F: My ten-year-old self would be VERY happy just living my dream. I live the ultimate girls’ dream, in which I work with lovely girls every day, my jewelry is sold in the Bijenkorf, and that I will soon be opening a new store on the Keizersgracht. I would never believe this.


T: What do you remember most about your first job?

F: My first job was at Pepperminds, where I sold subscriptions for charities such as Unicef. So I had to go to the people and have a sales pitch, which I found very scary. Fun fact, a lot of people don’t know that I was very shy in the past. Fortunately, I have grown over that.

T: What kind of music calms your mind?

F: I am in love with Hotel Costes in Paris and they have very nice playlists on Spotify. Their music is a bit Jazz and very calming. I love to listen to this music in the morning, during work and in the evening. Always actually.

Instagram: @frankavedder

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