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Written on October 25, 2021


Meet the creative Harley Jennifer O’Connor, who creates in multiple fields in the fashion industry. She is a freelance stylist and social media manager. With her creative background she easily adapts to many different roles. An important insight she is giving us in this interview is speaking up, this can have a great impact on your surrounding.

T: What, in your opinion, should be normalized?

H: I believe that our uniqueness should be normalised. It’s so easy to compare yourself, your body & your journey to others. We are all our own person & we are built to be different. Social media can make us compare others appearance, career etc but we need to accept that we are us for a reason.

T: How do you make sure to do work that’s aligned with your personal values?

H: I really don’t compromise myself, I try to the best of my ability to work with brands & people who I feel are doing the best for the industries I work in.

T: How do you overcome fear to be courageous and outspoken?

H: I used to be so shy & I really didn’t didn’t speak up for myself or what I believed in at all. It took me a while to realise how important it was and how much of an impact it could make on someone else by speaking up!

T: What does feminism mean to you?

H: Feminism to me is supporting women the best way I can, if that’s through well paid job opportunities or even through sharing support networks with them. I try to share tools and tips wherever I can.

T: What’s the most unique tattoo you’ve ever seen?

H: I’ve seen a lot in my short time at Rose of Mercy! It’s hard for me to pick one specifically but one of our artists (@chop_stick_n_poke) every time she creates a new piece I’m amazed at how unique they are every time! I’ve never seen anything like it. She focuses her work on the Asian community & cultural references in her community.

T: How can you use your vulnerability as your power?

H: Allowing yourself to be vulnerable builds strength I believe, I think it’s powerful to let others see you as vulnerable, hopefully they can relate to you & build strength in too.

T: What’s one lesson you’ve learned in your work as a fashion assistant?

H: I have learned so many! Main one for me is being nice! It’s a tough industry being nice & polite can go a long way. When I work with assistants, having someone who is always ready to help & even one step ahead at all times can really make or break the day!

Instagram: @haarlz

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