TEN Women
Written on June 30, 2021


Meet Jamie Faber, CEO at So Jamie and founder of Sincerely James. With her innovative mindset and driven work ethic, she decided to found her own shoe label, as she knew some things could improve in the shoe industry. By stepping into her own power, Jamie is a true inspiration to us.


T: How has being an entrepreneur affected your personal life?

J: It made me who I am right now, I have learned to rely on myself.

T: How do you manage fear?

J: Fear is a bad advisor, I try to stay focussed and handle it.

T: What are your ideals?

J: Everybody is equal and deserves respect.

T: How do you differentiate yourself?

J: Hard work, passion, and focus are key.

T: What advice would you give yourself just starting out?

J: Believe in yourself, you are stronger than you can imagine.

T: If you had to choose one: sneakers or high heels?


Instagram: @jamie_faber

Written by TEN Women