Written on May 6, 2022


It was our utmost pleasure to interview Janneke Van Den Brink, a feminist power icon. With her firm mindset, broad professional background, and many interesting masterclasses, Janneke is on the mission to spread more awareness of the investment world and help fellow women to become financially independent.


T: What was the turning point to becoming financially independent? 

J: Through yet another burnout. I just had no control over my own life and this really needed to change. A trip to Thailand and reading the book Master your mindset by Michael Pilarczyk made me realize that it is not too late to take back control. At that moment, I saw that I was in control of my life. I started listening to a lot of podcasts, exercising more, and came across the book Rich dad, poor dad. This book was for me the answer I was looking for and financial freedom became my goal.

T: What is the most important lesson you want to give to the next generation?

J: That you shouldn’t believe everything you think. You act on what you think, but what you think does not need to be true. Once you start to see this, you can suddenly start to look at your own behavior very objectively and reprogram yourself. You can do this by choosing the right heroes, reading the right books, and surrounding yourself with people who are in the place you want to be. You will see that your life will change completely and in no time you will be the person you always wanted to be. Dare to dream and dream as big as possible, because the fire that burns in you to achieve this will show you the way to your desired destination.

T: What is the next destination of your world trip, and why?

J: Mexico. We are traveling after freedom in a world that feels a lot less free since 2020. Mexico has virtually no entry restrictions for tourists and the people are very happy with tourism; you are valued as a foreigner. We also want to look at the community and off-the-grid living. I am very curious to be able to find this in Mexico.

T: Who inspires you and why?

J: Robert Kiyosaki in the way of thinking about money, Michael Pilarczyk, Jim Rohn & Tony Robbins in directing your thoughts & taking control of your own life. Marcus Lemonis & Eelco de Boer in setting up a business, as well as some family members and the many people I have met along the way to my FIRE journey. They have all contributed to my development and I am extremely grateful for them.


T: Tip for starting entrepreneurs?

J: Start before you’re ready. Don’t be too perfectionist or it won’t get off the ground. By making mistakes you learn so much more than over-analyzing what could go wrong. Trust your gut and enjoy the process, growth will follow naturally.

T: What do you still want to achieve as the Financially Free Woman?

J: It is still my mission to, first of all, make all women in the Netherlands (financially) aware enough to dare to go after their dreams. You are often held back by the rat race you are in. The moment you become aware that you can escape from it, your life will change completely. This is the message that I particularly want to spread, especially because it has done so much for me. It gave me purpose in my life again and I hope that many women (and men too) will dare to go for it!


T: What do you like to do in your spare time?

J: Obviously traveling! Discovering new cultures, meeting inspiring people, eating – drinking, and going out with family. Discovering the world together! Going for a run has also done so much for me. It is meditative for me and in difficult times it always keeps me on my toes.

Instagram: @financieelvrijvrouw