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Written on April 24, 2023


Meet Jessica Scholten, entrepreneur in the beauty industry and founder of Lakwerk. Her go-getting attitude made her dreams come true and she’s always searching for the next best move to grow and inspire others. She had her first daughter last year and shares her experiences of combining motherhood and entrepreneurship with us.


T. When do you feel most inspired?

J. I feel most inspired when I am completely relaxed, such as during a yoga class, a massage, a spa day or for example on a holiday. Then my head is not occupied with other todo’s and there is room for new ideas.


T. What would you advise your younger self?

J. That you are the one who knows what you are capable of. Other people who give advice look from their own point of view and do not have your characteristics, experience and knowledge. Your things are unique and no one else has them, so follow your dreams and if you don’t give up you can achieve anything you want. And don’t forget to celebrate your achievements too!



T. Any tips for entrepreneurial moms?

J. Listen to what feels good for you and what suits you. You don’t have to follow other mothers on how they do it. I would also advise to don’t plan too far ahead, every period is so different and something else suits you. You have this freedom, so use that luxury to adjust this per period to your needs! I noticed the moment we had 2 days of daycare, this gave me a lot of freedom to come to myself and feel good about what worked for me. I also noticed that this is still changing and I still adjust this where possible.


T. How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance? 

J. I find it difficult to switch off work completely and I notice that work is always on my mind. Both with things that need to be solved that are sometimes difficult, but also with new plans that also give you energy. I think it’s important to accept this as a part of being an entrepreneur. In addition, I also plan a lot of self-care to really have moments for myself and recharge. In combination with being a mother, I do notice that this is a lot harder.


T. What makes you happy, and why?

J. I like growth and development. Growth in both my businesses and personally. Improving things, making them more beautiful, making them more efficient really gives me a kick and stimulates me to develop further.




T. What is your all-time favorite beauty product?

J. Definitely the BIAB. A nail treatment with this product ensures that your natural nail can grow to any length you want and it looks super natural, beautiful & smooth!


T. Describe yourself in three words.

J. Entrepreneurial, go-getter & sweet

Instagram: jessicascholten_

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