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Written on July 19, 2021


Jewaria Gazaele Luu is a model, mother, fashion fanatic and the list goes on. With her powerful energy, resilience, and determinism, she creates her own dreams into reality. She doesn’t try to find excuses and goes into life with purpose and dedication. She’s a true inspiration of a woman who owns her space, her power, and her voice in the world.


T: Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

J: To be honest I’ve never really been a fangirl or somebody who has lots of icons. But if I really have to choose I’d say my Moroccan sister Oumayma Elboumeshouli. I love everything she wears!


T: What was the most difficult photoshoot you have ever done, and how did you handle it?

J: There are always clients that are less nice than others and you just learn to deal with that. But the one that stuck with me the most was an e-commerce shoot in France. I had to travel there in the morning at 4-am and work the whole day. The shoot was in a tiny dirty basement with no daylight or fresh air. The client was extremely unfriendly and unreasonable. I remember at one point that I got so tired from getting up so early and being stuck in a tiny basement with 4 people that I was really fighting my sleep. I always stay professional and friendly but sometimes you’re just being treated very badly and it’s very difficult then to stay happy in front of the camera. Especially when you have clients that scream “I want energy and a big smile!!” on every picture, while the whole team is grumpy and annoyed behind the camera. They even had the audacity after the shoot to tell my agency I was a bad model and they weren’t going to pay my full fee.

T: How do you handle feedback?

J: I try to reflect on what I did wrong and why, and think about how I can do better next time.

T: How do you prepare for a new photoshoot?

J: I always look at the brand and try to find something about the client, when I’m on set I’m representing the brand so I want to be prepared. Besides that the standard model stuff, clean moisturized face, hairless body, clean nails, and freshly washed hair.

T: What movie character do you relate to the most?

J: Mr. Chow from the hangover is my spirit animal hahaha!

T: What made you become comfortable during the photoshoots?

J: Age! I think that older models are automatically more confident and easier to work with. I learned to not care what other people think of me as I got older. I’m just my authentic self on set now.

T: What’s your favorite accessory?

J: My vintage watch. It elevates every outfit.

T: What’s your strong suit?

J: My double waist 1/off jeans, yumeyume slides, and a white tank top.

Instagram: @jewaria

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