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Written on June 26, 2023


Meet Jolien Schepers a skincare specialist with a holistic perspective on beauty and wellbeing. Renowned for her signature ‘glow facial,’ she has gained recognition for her ability to leave the skin radiant and enhance facial features through intuitive techniques supported by combining the forces of nature and science, Jolien brings a harmonious blend to her practice and personal life.


T. What initially drew you to the field of holistic skin and wellbeing therapy?

J. I started taking holistic approaches such as energy work and using natural products at a young age. Exploring these aspects, I have been deeply involved in getting to know myself and others to understand the other person’s emotions. I like it when I can understand and help a person further. That a person feels heard and can do something with my advice. My profession fits me as a person.


T. How do you define beauty, and how do you celebrate and embrace your own unique beauty?

J.”Beauty for me starts from within” it refers to me that true beauty is not only dependent on external features, but mainly comes from inner qualities, attitude and well-being. It is about radiating positive energy, self-confidence, kindness and and that gives a direct reflection on outer appearance. A person who is internally balanced and nurtures positive emotions often radiates a natural gentleness, a warm smile and an aura of self-confidence.

This does not mean that external care does not play a role. Right. I often get a treatment from my colleague. I do a weekly connective tissue massage to maintain my glow in my face. Maintaining that often keeps you young in your face!

T. How do you create a tranquil and healing environment for your clients?

J.First of all, I make sure the space is neat and clean, I therefore give a sense of care and attention to detail. This contributes to the overall experience of my clients.

I welcome the client to talk and by really listening I give them a sense of connection and trust. I don’t usually talk through the treatments. I allow them to relax deeply and become aware of the sensations and feelings in their body contributes to a holistic experience and can have a positive impact on their well-being.


T. What is your ultimate form of self-care and how do you prioritise it?

J.Using the right natural products. I have been using this for 8 years. I myself am a fan of Dr. Baumann for me it works and gives an ultimate glow. I also get weekly treatments from my colleague and I also go to Juuls clinic. She is more medical and notice as I get older I like more intensive treatments.

T. Can you describe a mentor or role model who has significantly influenced your journey?

J. I see people more as examples who have encouraged me. I honestly don’t compare myself to others. I often see natural women who I find very beautiful who exude a lot of softness and power at the same time that to me is an example.

T. Can you share a personal mantra or philosophy?

J. I think the song “come as you are” by Nirvana has a powerful lyric. Come as you are. As your authentic self you don’t have to put on a mask for me and you can be as you are. I can greatly appreciate it when people feel no shame in expressing themselves or exude a certain natural genuine self-assurance. This is also what I give to my clients. The confidence to be yourself with me.

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Written by TEN Women