TEN Women
Written on July 28, 2021


Meet the gentle and warm soul, Kailyn Lynch, a multitasker on its own. Unsurprisingly she always inspires us on her various social accounts filled with art, culture, and mental health. About 1,5 years ago Kailyn founded Redefining Our Womanhood where she created access to personalized, mental health care and tools – for all marginalized people. We were curious about her quality to let people live at their highest selves, which resulted in a special mini conversation.


T: You aim to let people live at their highest selves. How do you create this opportunity?

K: Being a mirror to others for them to recognize the power within themselves.

T: How do you stay grounded?

K: Prayer, meditation, and laughter.

T: Explain the power of imagination.

K: The beauty of transforming your dreams into tangible tools, ideas, and worlds.

T: What’s the thing you love about yourself?

K: My courage.

T: What’s a (new) belief you developed?

K: It’s already mine.

T: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

K: Swimming in the ocean.

Instagram: @kailyn.icole

Written by TEN Women