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Written on December 21, 2022


Meet Kaira Van Wijk, Amsterdam-based writer, editor, and illustrator. At a young age, Kaira was exposed to different cultures, art and fashion, due to the fact she had many family members within the multi-disciplinary art field. Kaira specializes in writing on topics such as fashion, travel, architecture and art, and has a special interest in wellness and tech. She has many experiences within the creative industry which has formed her into an all-around content creator. From writing for magazines such as Vogue, Het Parool, FD, Glamour, and more.

T. Favorite place in the world and why?

K. That’s always changing, but right now let’s go with Paris (where I plan to be for some time this spring and summer)

T. How do you choose an interview for your work?

K. It kind of depends but it’s usually people who inspire me in the design field or who are future thinkers in the sustainability and wellness space and bring a fresh perspective (right now professor Julia Watson and architect Luciano Giubbilei are on my list)

T. How do you achieve your goals?

K. Not just by a forever go-go mentality, but also by carving out enough headspace. To almost almost get bored and then my best ideas just come to me. I think that’s very important; rest is severely underrated.


T. What are you passionate about?

K. The act of writing and art, telling stories of change to uplift and inspire, nature, neuroplasticity, contributing to a new, more fruitful world for all (in my own subtle way no matter how small), people, food and soulful gatherings, the new James Webb Space Telescope.


T. Do you have a favourite season, and why?

Spring, but mostly being able to experience all the four seasons of expanding, blooming, slowing down, death and rebirth.

T. What makes you happy, and why?

K. Real, genuine connections with other people (whether lasting or fleeting), the ocean, a good book or story that touches my soul


T.What topic would you still like to write about, and why?

K. Have you got a minute, haha. There’s a collection of personal stories living in my head centered around design and sustainability, I’ll let you know when it’s actually happening

Instagram: @kairavanwijk

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