TEN Women
Written on June 11, 2021


Meet Kessia Oosterkamp. With her softness and delicate moves, she reminds us of the beauty of feminine energy and the importance of being present here and now.


T: How do you keep your mental hygiene (keep your mind clean)?

K: Listening to a lot of instrumental music. It keeps my head empty without a single thought.


T: What helps you to stay productive all day long?

K: No distractions (phone, television, news, social media, bad energies/vibes) have a space where I can get enough inspiration from. But the most important thing is to be in balance. If your mind isn’t there, it’s hard to force it.

T: How do you take a compliment?

K: A compliment is an opinion of another that I appreciate but I am not necessarily emotionally attached to. It encourages me a lot to keep going. But the most important thing is to receive a compliment from me and to stimulate myself with it.

T: What helps/helped you to become a self-assured woman?

K: By daring to develop enough knowledge, being very curious, the right education from home. Do more and overthink less.


T: What are your tips to be consistent?

K: Repeat your Goals, trust your instincts, stay disciplined.

T: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

K: I would be bored, I need ups and downs in life to acknowledge reality. It would be way too boring if all science had already been invented, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here now.

Instagram: @kjo_o

Written by TEN Women