TEN Women
Written on August 6, 2021


Meet Lena Ghaninejad, an artistic soul who loves all things poetics and food. Her beautiful looks and calmness remind us to give ourselves time to bring out more creativity, and peace within ourselves.


T: What made you feel connected with the world of mental health?

L: A curiosity to understand people, human nature, what we all have in common, and how we relate to our environment.

T: What is your philosophy on food?

L: Cooking is the most universal and democratic craft there is -everybody can learn it! Also, don’t listen to dietary guidelines too much; your body is wise and it usually knows best what it needs.

T: How does your personality intertwine with the work you do?

L: I get so easily bored with repetitive tasks, so I really need this balance between the manual practice of cooking and the more conceptual world of writing & research.

T: What passion project you’d love to work on?

L: Now that the world is opening up again, more events merging food, community, and art. Also, eventually, I would love to work with migrant women to facilitate a sense of community and belonging, and an exchange of skills through the practice of cooking.

T: What’s something all women should be reminded of?

L: So often, we already know -we just have to cut out the noise and listen.

T: What’s your favorite breakfast?

L: I actually fast until lunch, because that’s what I’ve done for literally as long as I can remember, and it really works for me. I break my fast around 1 pm first with fruits, followed by a hearty lunch, for instance, a vegetable stir-fry with buckwheat noodles, roasted cashew nuts, and an egg.

Written by TEN Women