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Written on June 12, 2023


Meet Linde, a dietitian, health educator, nutritional therapist and founder of Nursed by Nature. She grew up surrounded by nature and gained a passion for food from her mother and grandmother. After experiencing health issues she was motivated by new found knowledge and decided to pursue further studies in integrative nutrition. Nursed by Nature is a culmination of her personal journey and her passion for helping others lead healthier lives.


T. What inspired you to become a nutritionist around natural ingredients?

L. I grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature –  by the serene presence of water, birds, cows, and vibrant gardens filled with herbs and flowers, In my family, my mother’s culinary expertise and my grandmother’s use of plants and herbs as remedies further deepened my fascination with the power of nature.

From a young age, I found myself captivated by the growth and purpose of plants, particularly their potential impact on our health. Armed with a pink pocket knife, I would venture into the outdoors, foraging for edible treasures. This hands-on experience nurtured my respect for animals and the natural world, fostering a desire to align my eating patterns with these values.

By becoming a nutritionist specializing in natural ingredients, I aspire to honor and follow a pattern that respects both animals and nature. I believe that our food choices have a profound impact on our well-being and the environment. Guided by my upbringing and passion for the wonders of nature, I aim to help others cultivate a nourishing eating pattern that aligns with these principles, allowing us to thrive while staying connected to the beauty and balance of the natural world.


T. How do you stay authentic and/or loyal to the natural world in this fast paced life?

L. I actively engage in outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, and spending time in nature.
To further cultivate my connection with nature, I intentionally seek out like-minded individuals who share a similar appreciation for the environment. By surrounding myself with a community of people who prioritize environmental consciousness, I gain support, inspiration, and opportunities to collaborate on initiatives that protect and preserve our natural surroundings.

While I cherish my time in nature, I also find balance by enjoying the offerings of city life. I appreciate the excitement of dining out, socializing, and dancing. However, I prioritize spending quality time outdoors with loved ones over excessive use of social media. I recognize that social media can be addictive and can detract from valuable experiences and connections in the real world.


T. What do you find inspiring?

L. My family, my work experience and my travels


T. What challenges you everyday?

L. In my philosophy of Nursed by Nature and embracing holistic nutrition, I’ve discovered that emotions and social relationships profoundly impact our well-being. I’ve faced challenges, including a feeling of loneliness and a break up with someone i loved deeply. However, I’m gradually healing and realizing that loneliness can lead to personal growth.

I’ve learned that holistic well-being involves caring for our physical, emotional, and social aspects.  I’ve embraced solitude as an opportunity for self-reflection and exploration. I’ve sought support from loved ones, engaging in meaningful connections.
Through self-care and the solace of nature, I’m finding peace. I recognize that healing takes time, but I remain resilient. By tending to my well-being, I’m discovering self-awareness, embracing the transformative power of healing and self-discovery.


T. What is your biggest source of inspiration?

L. My biggest source of inspiration lies in the opportunity to learn and grow as a dietitian. From the very beginning of my career, I have been fortunate to work in an environment that fosters continuous learning and provides valuable insights into nutritional care and feeding therapy. The guidance and mentorship I receive from my colleagues have been instrumental in shaping my knowledge and skills.

Every day, I am inspired by the collective expertise and dedication of those around me. Witnessing their passion for helping others and making a positive impact on people’s lives motivates me to continually expand my knowledge and refine my approach to nutrition. Their unwavering commitment to excellence serves as a constant reminder of the potential for growth and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in the field.
Moreover, the transformative experiences I have with my clients fuel my inspiration. Seeing the positive changes in their health and well-being through personalized nutrition interventions is incredibly rewarding. Their resilience and commitment to making positive changes in their lives inspire me to continuously strive for excellence in my practice.


T. Can you share a passion/interest outside of your career that brings you joy and fulfilment?

L. I find great enjoyment in DJing and creating my own music. Recently, my friends gifted me a DJ set, which has allowed me to explore the art of mixing and blending tracks to create unique sounds and experiences.

Additionally, I have a strong desire to learn how to play a musical instrument, specifically the bass guitar. The rhythmic and melodic nature of the bass guitar resonates with me, and I believe it would be a wonderful avenue for self-expression and creativity


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