TEN Women
Written on December 10, 2021


We were lucky enough to catch up with Luna Freddie, a creative and outstanding woman. Which is seen in her significant work and lifestyle. We got to hear her talk about her passion, work and what value she contributed to her life during the past year.

T: What does success mean to you?

L: Being able to do what you love and making a living out of it, while inspiring others and sharing with your loved ones.

T: What does your typical work day look like?

L: My typical work day looks like waking up early to make sea moss gel and shea butter, make casting videos or photo’s if needed, go to work at patta and meet people for sea moss and shea pick-ups after work.

T: Which causes are you passionate about?

L: Black joy/love/healing/unity, plant medicine, freedom in mind, body and spirit.

T: Which historical item do you admire and why?

L: My grandma’s swords.


T: For what do you make your voice heard?

L: For injustice, misogynists, models that get mistreated or discriminated.

T: Favorite fashion item?

L: My crocs are the most comfortable fashion items in the world for sure, my all time favorite would be (my mom’s) vintage Balenciaga city bag.

T: What have you learned in 2021?

L: That literally nothing is in my own control except for my thoughts.

Instagram: @lunafreddie

Written by TEN Women