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Written on January 19, 2023


Meet Manu Barrios, a creative entrepreneur, content creator and our lovely co-host for our upcoming event. Manu is a woman full of energy and is creative with experience in different departments. Manu started at a young age with modelling and her career within social media. Which led to growing up with a lot of pressure as she was always in the public eye. This impacted Manu to invest a lot of her time into soul searching and her own mental and physical wellbeing. Now, Manu started to share details on her spiritual and personal journey, with tips on how to improve your mindset and health. She stands for growth and authenticity and wants to inspire her community in this way.

T. Who is your biggest Female role model?

M. Emrata, because I see similarities in our lives, journey and values. She is sexy, feminine and at the same time an empowered feminist who is moving between different worlds in an authentic way, which I find inspiring.

T. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

M. That I have all the platforms to share my creativity with no limit. My creativity is always developing.I am a person and human who always changes, nothing is permanent. My work changes because I change. There is no fixed concept, nothing is set in stone. My work is fluid and always changing in the direction where I want to go and I love that freedom and flexibility.

T. How do you define happiness?

M. If you want to achieve happiness it feels far away. When I understood that happiness is actually finding peace a lot has changed. Happiness is feeling peace inside of me. Remembering tiny moments when I found peace in myself. When I am surfing, when I am eating good food or when in a good conversation is when I am really in the moment. These tiny moments are my moments of happiness and peace. Doing something you love when being present. Present and peace are for me the definition of perfect happiness.

For me life is like the sea, when a difficult wave comes, you breathe and stay calm and when you understand you will go up again you see the beauty of life. If you have a shit day don’t worry because tomorrow you can take the best wave of your life.

T. Where do you find your source of energy?

M. In my meditation in the morning. It is amazing how such a simple routine can change my entire mood.  During my 15-20 meditation I am being completely with myself helps me to understand why I am feeling a certain way. Of course it is a process as you have to learn how to be more quiet inside yourself. The more you do it the easier it gets and the noise will go down.  Looking from a distance at your voices and thoughts to become more neutral and observing. The more you accept the voices in your head they will become one. The more you understand who you are, the more you can talk to yourself with one clear voice.

T. How would you like to impact society more?

M. I want to share my personal story where I learned a lot of things, the hard and beautiful things of life. I can help people understand things from another perspective. Just being myself and being true with myself is how I help people to be more authentic. I want to be a mirror for the people to help them to see and achieve their authenticity.

T. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

M. To let everything go. Before I came to Puerto I left everything and all my securities of being an influencer and living a comfortable life. My businesses my agencies , my image, I left it all behind. I gave my phone away to a surfer in exchange of surf classes and disconnected from everything. I erased all my pictures from 2020 and before and started with a clean sheet. We can at every moment erase everything and start over again. We can rewrite our stories over and over again but the first time is super scary. It is like being naked. This is who I am without anything. To let go of your whole identity and to learn how to love yourself without your image and identity.

Instagram: manubarrioos

Written by TEN Women