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Written on May 2, 2024


Meet María Cobar, founder of María Cacao, a Mexican brand focused on working with organic cocoa in an artisanal way, creating exquisite and nutritious products intended to nourish both the body and the soul.

T. Can you share the story of how your journey into the world of cacao began?

M. My journey with Cacao began eight years ago, when I was given a cacao bean to try. I instantly spat it out. I studied cooking at Le Cordon Bleu in Mexico and Paris, but Introduction to Pre-hispanic Elements of Mexican Culture wasn’t part of our study book.

I was astounded and a little embarrassed of not knowing anything about Cacao, so I began my research. What I discovered about Cacao as a sacred and divine element of Mexican culture blew my mind, and there was no way back after that.

Eight years later, and my last name is Cacao.

T. Cacao cultivation and production can be highly complex processes. What challenges have you faced in sourcing high-quality cacao beans and maintaining sustainable practices throughout your supply chain?

M. In the cacao industry, people who source the cacao bean are not the same as the ones who process it. So it has been a challenge getting to the right connections and promoting fair trade with both producers and processors.

T. Cacao ceremonies are deeply rooted in tradition and spirituality. What do these rituals mean to you on a deeper, more personal level?

M.Cacao as I mentioned was a sacred and divine element of prehispánico cultures, being known as “Medicine of the Heart”, it was always present in different sort of rituals and ceremonies, like weddings, funerals and sacrifices. It was also used as currency, imagine that. Its scientific name being food of the gods. Alimento de Dios.

I began drinking pure, raw, cacao, in ceremonial doses on my own spiritual journey, just as research for my Maria Cacao Celestial Grade product.

What I discovered was a subtle, noble, beautiful, heart opening plant medicine, that allowed me to enter states of consciousness and presence in meditation that were deeper and more powerful.

I embarked on a healing journey with Cacao, it helped me to forgive myself and others, to shed light on the dark parts of myself and allow the energy of acceptance and compassion into my being. Drinking Cacao cracked my heart wide open, and I never could see or live my life the same way again.

I shared my first cacao ceremony out of intuition, of what I had learned on my personal spiritual journey and letting cacao guide me.

I like to say that everyone can do a Ceremony, Cacao allows us to get into contact with that inner wisdom and unconditional love that resides in each being, and sharing it with others is such a privilege and blessing.

Can you describe a moment or circumstance when you felt most empowered in your entrepreneurial journey?

M. Probably answering this interview.

T. What is one thing that makes you feel grounded in times of uncertainty?

M. My mom and dad, (special hi to Nina and David!) and looking at the sky.

T. What does a perfect day look like to you?

M. Morning Cacao drinking, meditating, cooking cacao, dancing, listening to good music and laughing with my team at Maria Cacao, sharing a meal. Giving thanks before closing my eyes at night.

T. What is an act of kindness you’ll never forget?

M. My Maria Cacao team writing messages of love in our blackboard in the workshop.

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