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Written on October 1, 2021


Michelle Amo talks about her source of good energy, sustainability and her interest in fashion.

T: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

MA: From my family, especially my sisters. You wouldn’t believe me, but I wasn’t always the fashion girl. Growing up as the youngest my sisters inspired me to love fashion as I do now. They have such a different style then me, but As they came home from a shopping spree on a Saturday or transformed their whole look with new outfits and hair, inspired me. My mom she, took us on shopping trips on Saturdays in the weekend at that time it wasn’t my cup of tea, but it rubbed of on me.

T: What kind of women do you want to surround yourself with?

MA: Wise, happy, creative, kind woman. Because it brings you further in live.

T: What is your source of good energy?

MA: God my faith in God is my source of good energy. When feeling low I pray when feeling happy I thank God. And always a good bite of healthy food is also my daily bread.

T: If all your clothes were the same colour, what would the colour be?

MA: Do I really have to choose? Okay fine it would be yellow.


T: What does fashion mean to you?

MA: Shape shifting / transforming. Because you can be anything in life if you just dress for it.

T: Why is sustainability important to you?

MA: Sustainability is a very broad term, but it’s important for my because together we’re transforming the way fashion was en we are starting to think. And also broaden our horizon how to do better in terms of fashion production.

Instagram: @michelleamo

Written by TEN Women