TEN Women
Written on July 28, 2021


Milou Tjioe, an allround creative, taking you on an aesthetically pleasing journey with the content she shares. With each outfit, image and brand she knows how to identify her unique vision upon fashion and art.


T: How would you describe a day filled with creativity within your work?

M: Creating flowingly while being in the moment and having the feeling that you’re bursting out of inspiration and the ambition to do everything at once, which will give you a true feeling of energy and happiness.

T: What do you love to draw?

M: Everything that makes me happy in a way; e.g. that involves flowers, girls in great outfits, or just lines that lead themselves into something great.

T: What does self-love mean to you?

M: Feeling confident in your own skin, accepting you for who you are; treating it with care and wear it with pride.

T: Favorite place to gather inspiration?

M: Nature, on the streets, when on vacation (sunnier places!), architecture.

T: What’s something you’re really proud of?

M: Back when in the 5th year of high school I organized a fashion show (which was a huge and yearly project at our school) together with my 3 best friends all by ourselves.

T: What are your favorite type of people?

M: People who are confident, but not in a selfish way. honest. kind. down to earth. open-minded. creative.

Instagram: @miloutjioe

Written by TEN Women