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Written on May 1, 2023


Meet Naomi, founder of NJ Space and creative in video and photography. Her interest in design, fashion, travel and interior led to her growing career and provided us with the beautiful and serene NJ Space. Naomi’s warm soul and vision are definitely sensible in both studios. We are honored she shared her space with us for our campaign shoot.


T. What helps you the most in your personal growth?

N. Personally, there is no better place to get away from a life full of hardships, than nature. When we walk in the forest, a common practice is dividing what we see into good and bad. One finds the deer, bunny and mushroom beautiful, while flies and mosquitos are irritating. We hate the rain and love the sun, but nature does not think in polarities, rather it deems everything necessary for growth. This is how I translate it to my life. 


T. Has your perspective on the world changed over time?

N. Yes, changing from all these life phases and the world which is evolving constantly can strike me as a blizzard in my emotional core. Colors and shapes help me understand and connect once again. It was a big transition what struck me when I became a mother, due to my eyes pleasantly focused on him. I was more in the moment of motherhood, than looking at the world around me as a photographer. I lost the role of a photographer for a while, which I needed a certain rest for. So every now and then I need to recharge, I need nature and my studio for that. To feel complete.



T. How do you stay grounded?

N. I realized we have so many roles in our lives. A lot of people have so many facets in their personality and roles in their lives, it makes me even more humble for everyone’s path. This is how I stay grounded.


T. Define the feeling of happiness?

N. I have a lot of them! Hearing the giggle of my son. A moment of tranquility; when daytime seeps into the evening, then night. That moment that freezes our obligations.  Or a soothing start in my studio. Seeing two persons on the street having an erratic conversation about the meeting of their dogs. It’s cliché, but it’s the little thing that feels like gifts of happiness for me. I can keep going with examples. A lot of my photography shows little traces of emotions, moments of time and movement enticing curiosity in the story.  It is an inspiration for me.



T. What is creativity to you?

N. Being able to express freely and connecting the dots into a visual anecdotes.

T. What inspired you to start NJ space?

N. As a photographer, you’re usually the only one who fills that roll on set. Seeing other photographers, creatives and support them gives me so much energy. And my love for interior can flourish. I shared the spaces with other creatives and they were leaving. I could do two things; make it a co- working space again or make my own studio, which I dreamt of for years. And as you know I did the last thing. It was really hard work in the beginning to get clients to know us. I even thought of giving up at some point. But glad I did not. It is my happy place!


T. How did NJ space impacted your life? 

N. The past 5 years since I started N/J space have been a one the joyous thing in my life. I was able to further develop my handwriting as a photographer in my own studio. Being able to develop my entrepreneurial spirit as a studio owner and meeting the nicest and heartwarming creatives. Wonderful vulnerable conversations have started here.  I have also been able to watch the growth of other creatives. It’s been a great journey so far.

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Written by TEN Women