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Written on July 21, 2021


Meet Nicole Nyao, a self-aware marketer, who loves to work with other people and building meaningful relationships with them. One of the things we love about her content is how she consciously dives into fashion – creating a fashion-oriented scavenger hunt for us.


T: You introduce yourself with the sentence ‘Peace over panic, Faith over fear’ on your Instagram account. Could you elaborate on the meaning of this for you?

N: Being a Christian is the most important thing to me and my main identifier. That to me means remaining faithful despite my surroundings and being, seeking and surrounding myself with peace.

T: Tell us more about the work field you work in. What’s your favourite thing about your current job?

N: My favourite thing about the work I do is working with other people. I enjoy building authentic, meaningful relationships with people.

T: Which of your qualities come into their own within your career?

N: Interpersonal skills are quite crucial in working with other teams to fulfil my role. I like to think I’m a ‘people’s person’, my mum would probably describe it as I talk too much!

T: One of the things we love about your content is how you consciously dive into fashion – creating a fashion-oriented scavenger hunt for us. What requirements should the clothing you buy meet?

N: Comfort is my non-negotiable when it comes to fashion (and other areas of my life ha!). Also, as I have developed my style I also appreciate versatility and multi-use items that I can re-wear and reinvent.

T: We came across the page ‘Out of Hand Vintage’. Could you tell us more about the concept and your input into this project?

N: Since the age of around 16 I have been shopping second-hand via Charity Shops and car boot sales. Every time I would tell people where I got my items from they would be shocked at 1 – the price and 2 – the fact that it is secondhand. However, they weren’t compelled themselves to actually shop in these places because of stigmas such as Charity Shop’s smelling, people previously wearing the items, no charity shops around them, etc. So Out of Hand Vintage is essentially me bringing the unique, timeless, washed, and dry-cleaned items direct to consumers.

T: Could you give away your top three tips to act frugally in the fashion industry?

N: First, know your style. I know so many people say this but it is so so important. This can simply start with knowing what shapes you do or don’t like, or necklines, jean cuts, etc. I’ve found that doing this has allowed me to be a lot more intentional when I do shop, and that pretty much everywhere and anywhere that has fashion items has something to offer me and my style because I know what I am looking for. So whether it’s a charity shop or Weekday, I know exactly the items that are for me and my style and even when I want to experiment. Second, When shopping online, always have a wishlist of items so that when sales come you only shop the things you desire rather than deep diving into sales and buying what you might not need! Third, Explore your options! Platforms like Depop allow people to sell brand new products at a reduced price.

T: Do you have any specific thoughts about how the fashion industry could stimulate recycling and encourage vintage items?

N: I think more focus should be placed on the brands that have sustainability as their foundation and are already doing great work such as Vestiaire Collective, smaller fashion brands, or brands like Weekday. If they can generate similar attention that larger brands do then I think we will see a shift in consumer habits in the future.

T: We can’t wait for new activities that will take place when there comes an end to the strict measurements. What is the activity you’re most excited about to fill up your time with?

N: Travelling for sure! I always knew I enjoyed traveling but the pandemic has made me realize that traveling offers something deeper than enjoyment for me. I find it therapeutic, educational, spirit-lifting and so much more! I just love exploring new foods, cultures everything.


T: What traits are most important to you in the people around you?

N: The fruits of the spirit are always my reference point: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. All in all, just be good vibes!

T: What’s the best piece of advice a family member has given you?

N: If you don’t ask, you will never know – always ask!

Instagram: @thisisnyao

Written by TEN Women