Written on October 18, 2022


Let’s meet Nike Ayinla, an Entrepreneur, Social designer and the Founder and Producer of Orisun Studio. Orisun studio is a combination of social and creative aspects creating meaning projects in the creative industry. Nike has a passion for music and discovering talents, this is where she created Orisun Studio with the aim of highlighting talented young innovative artist. Nike is a real multitasker, she strives and is driven to find creative solutions to solving social issues. A friend once described her as :  “You have a visionary ability to approach complex problems”.

T. What is your mission to change/influence the creative industry?

N. Here is the thing. Rather than to change/influence the creative industry. I always wanted to nurture it. Creativity, our creative source is the most valuable capital we have as humans.

My mission has always been to use creativity to solve social issues and change the world. So being a social designer but working with creators. I have always believed that they can change something significant in us beings. I read in an interview once that the artists responsibility is to open our eyes and I completely agree.


T. How important is being surrounded by a strong community to you?

N. Well according to the greatest psychologists being surrounded by community is a life or death matter for us humans so I rest my case.


T. Describe yourself in three words?

N. Hmmm not three words but I resonate with Tupac’s poetry:

“The rose that grew from concrete”


T. Which artist could you listen to on repeat?

N. Nah don’t do this to me! I can never answer questions like these! Favourite artist? Favourite movie? What??? Where do you even start and how do people even choose? It also depends on the mood.

P.S. I just checked my spotify playlist “Repeat” and just to give you a feel. Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Fatoumata Diawara but also Cutty Ranks, Mulatu Astatke and Gal Costa


T. What gives you energy?

N. Anything that makes me feel passionate! Especially..

When I love 😉 ( myself, my folks or somebody’s son) When I create ( with my talented team) and When I travel.

T. Any advice to women out there on following their dreams?

N. Honestly I wish someone told me this before but:

Tip #1 Body first, business second
Women’s bodies have a lot of untapped wisdom. For example when you invest in your menstrual health and follow a cyclical life you will experience more wellbeing.

Everything within and around us is Cyclical, mirroring Mother Nature. If you look at the seasons of the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can detect similarities with the human body. Women have a natural monthly hormonal cycle and this same cyclical model exists when we look at the Moon. Men on the other hand have a 24-hour cycle. Their testosterone level is the highest in the morning, continues in the afternoon and is at its lowest in the night. In other words, men are in sync with our current standard workday. However, In this linear model we focus on starting and launching projects while we also need to be focusing on completing and resting. I learned this from Kate Northrup! Check her out! She teaches women how to manage their time and energy better.

Tip #2 Financial Wellness – Get the emotional charge out then build the structure
Wooeeii where do I start? Okay, women have been socialized differently from men when it comes to money. Money = energy so the way we think about money will translate into our lives and business. So how does your money mindset look like? Is it healthy or toxic?I just finished this book called “The Female Fix” and it is very insightful! She describes why it is important for women to build wealth regardless of having a partner or not.

I am also becoming an affiliate partner for Elfin a platform for the financial independence or self-reliance of women.  They are a platform/community for women and give webinars to build wealth through investing and budgeting.

Tip #3 Balanced Leadership: The culture of wellbeing creates a business of wellbeing
Okay quick definition of the terms to understand what I am saying. With “balanced” I am referring to the feminine and masculine energies. Both attributes are important to create balance when leading. Whether you are leading yourself (self-leadership) or others (team leadership). Okay now, Leadership. This is not a role or position but rather a behavior. It is about taking responsibility and accountability for yourself (first) and others.

Why am I saying this? Well… because the whole world wants women to become leaders. We want more diversity etc. but if the woman doesn’t know how to see her self-worth or stay true to her values nothing really changes because we will just be cloning the same types of people and leadership. What the world really wants is new leadership. New ideas. New solutions. And these people probably look, think, feel different from what we are used to. But to BE her, you need to learn how to get there first.

These 3 tips are in a nutshell what I teach within my latest project: The Blueprint. If you want more info check my website or hit me up!

T. What is your favorite time of the year? 

N. I don’t have a particular favorite time of the year. It all depends on the energy of the moment. So maybe it’s when I love, create or travel? see what I did there? 😉