Written on October 4, 2022


Meet Ramona Deckers, a self-taught photographer based in Amsterdam and Lisbon. She has a degree in Fashion Journalism and is active within the creative industry. Ramona specialises in portrait, fashion and beauty photography where she aims to tells stories and spark conversation through her unique visual language.

T. When did you know that this was what you wanted to do in your life?

R. I was taking photographs at a very young age. But I wanted to go to University and study English. Never considered art school or choosing a creative profession. However, I have always known that I wanted to do something creative, just never deemed it possible to make a living out of it…And, little did I know how hard that is. I was unaware of the part where you have to be a business as well as a creative.


T. What do you want to transmit through your photographs? 

R. I like realness and femininity. I love the mix of documentary & fashion and then finding a balance of what I am trying to say and feeling out who is in front of my lens and showcasing their uniqueness. I really want to convey that dialogue in the pictures.


T. When you have a shooting, do you take any essential items with you other than a camera and lens? 

R. I don’t need much. When I’m on location I prefer simplicity. Model, gear, a good hour of the day and good vibes.


T. How would you define creativity?

R. I am very intuitive and emotional when shooting, which creates room for spontaneity and chance. Just feeling things out as you go. It makes people really comfortable, spontaneous and not so focused on the outcome. Within this space is where creativity blossoms. Don’t overthink and let things flow. Trust the process.


T. What are your favourite settings? 

R. To me, a good team is more important. The setting could be anywhere.


T. What do you do when you experience a creative block?

R. It sounds so cliché but going outside and detaching from what you are doing is key. Since last year I am also based in Lisbon and this really helps with taking time off and distancing myself from whatever I was doing/ struggling with.


T. What’s the project you’ve worked on that you are most proud of?

R. My project for i-D NL: Girls at home in Amsterdam. Shoots are so personal. I would visit girls at their homes and shoot them in an intimate way. I would learn things about them and we would talk about our strengths and weaknesses; body issues; the struggles of city life; love hurt and so on. Really grateful for the talks with women from all walks of life. Visiting them didn’t feel like ‘work’.