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Written on July 14, 2021


We felt really lucky to catch up with Robin Van Halteren, a creative and kind soul. A woman who has an open and innovative view of the world where all her qualities meet each other. Robin not only seeks a successful career but also wants to have a positive influence on the spaces that she navigates herself in.


T: You seem like a self-assured woman who knows what her interests are, where she can find her inspiration and who is excited to improve her skills. What is an important part of you that you’ve discovered in these past few years?

R: The past few years I’ve really rediscovered my more sensitive, intuitive side and decided to really embrace it. Growing up I thought showing emotions was weak and I’m glad I could let go of that and find strength in vulnerability. Using my vulnerability has made me more creative, in tune with myself and it brought me closer to others.

T: You love to get creative with paintings, mood boards, and diving into new things. What was the last new thing you were excited about?

R: I’ve currently found my passion again for shooting and editing videos. As I’ve been away from home for almost two months now I haven’t really been able to paint or draw or create any collages, so it’s perfect I feel inspired again to get creative with video. My interest in my different passions tend to eb and flow, which is something that used to annoy me but now I have accepted it as part of me. I feel like my different interests also inspire one another, sometimes I will get a video idea while creating a collage or a painting idea while drawing.

T: You mentioned that it’s important for you to evolve balance in order to get creative. How do you reach the point of being in balance?

R: I feel like reaching a balance is still something that is difficult for me. There are times I feel very inspired to create and other times where I’m completely uninspired. I noticed that when I spend too much time working or studying without time for spontaneity I get uninspired. However, when I have too much free time and I’m not actively learning something new I also feel uninspired. So for me, it’s really about doing enough different things to stay inspired. In general, I feel like I need to have at least 3 different projects going on.

T: You draw a lot of inspiration from books. What is your favorite topic to discuss?

R: As I studied race and gender and the philosophy of technology and media, topics within this field excite me the most. I love to discuss the effects that digitalization has on our society or how we can get to a more inclusive, empathic society. Since I started modeling again I’ve found myself talking a lot about the power dynamics within the industry, especially between agents, models, and clients. I think this is such an important topic, as there is still so much that can be improved in the industry to make it a healthier work environment for everyone involved.

T: In one of your vlogs you share a moment playing a vinyl record. What is your favorite type of music to distance yourself from the world for a while?

R: I recently found a record here in Berlin that really uplifted my soul, it is called Kaskadeur 04 by Cristy Paris and it’s a mix of Electronic music, funk/soul, disco, and house. Those genres really make me feel happy and usually get me out of a funk. However, there is also something about listening to Russian music when you’re feeling somber. I feel like Russian music is so emotional and intense, I love that although I don’t understand it I can feel the emotion behind it. I listened a lot to “Судно (Борис Рыжий)” by Molchat Doma while writing my thesis in lockdown.

T: You are a firm believer in women and value the worth of our skills behind our looks. What platform, book, or any other inspiration would you recommend for young women to find relevant examples of inspiring women?

R: I think different women inspire different women. I believe it’s so important that we hear the story of a wider variety of women, women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. As I come from a small town, for example, it is inspiring to see women from a similar background create their dream life and go beyond the bounds of where they’re from. I think similarly for someone who maybe comes from an immigrant background it is very inspiring to see women with a similar background succeed. That’s why I love that you created a community of inspiring women that come from a wide range of backgrounds. That being said, I’m really inspired by women such as Adwoa Aboah, especially her platform GurlsTalk which aims to break stigma’s around mental health, and Paloma Esesser, who advocates for more inclusivity in the industry. I love to see how they not only have a successful career as models but they are also actively working to have a positive influence on the spaces that they navigate themselves in.


T: What are you capable of as a woman?

R: Anything.

T: You’re a woman who has many strings to her bow such as creating, painting and reading. Wherein we think we can’t pass over the fashion part. Can you tell us the important pillars of your wardrobe?

R: I think the absolute pillar of my wardrobe is a long trenchcoat that I thrifted in LA for 1 dollar. It’s is my joy and pride and it really goes with anything. I have a deep love for my vintage pieces. Recently I bought a pair of vintage Prada shoes, simple back kitten heels, and I’m obsessed with them. I love simple pieces that are well made. Another item I’ve been living in is my jeans by Rouge, they’re simple high waisted blue jeans that I can style with almost anything.

T: Let’s head over to a topic we’re all aiming to make room for in these chaotic times: Self-care. What is your way of taking care of yourself?

R: I like to give myself time off to recharge in nature. I love going on long walks and really take time to take in the environment. Enjoying the little things, such as the way light hits leaves or seeing the first flowers after winter. Nature really calms and grounds me which is so important as my job is very hectic and destabilizing at times.

T: Could you give some insights into your ultimate skin booster?

R: For me, good skin starts from the inside. I eat a vegetarian diet 80% of the time and I try to remind myself to drink enough water. However, if I do want a little extra I’ll use a hydration mask or vitamin C peeling, I love the one from Rodial. In general, I try to keep my skincare as organic and natural as possible. Most of the makeup I use is vegan as well. I highly recommend a switch to mineral makeup, a brand I recommend is Youngblood!

Instagram: @robinvanhalteren

Written by TEN Women