TEN Women
Written on November 22, 2021


Meet Romy Brandsma, the woman who has the most creative energy and curiosity to learn from different experiences. She knows how to embrace your journey of self-discovery and to use every experience as the opportunity to learn.

T: What do you do to get into your creative zone?

R: I love to travel and discover new places, meet people and get immersed by art. Inspiration could come from a movie, a museum visit or stimulating conversations with friends.

T: What is creativity to you?

R: For me, creativity is finding ways to express myself, this could be by photography and other obvious things but also in projects and work.

T: If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

R: I think it would be something sweet and full body but with a surprising kick, like a good filter coffee.

T: How do you deal with creativity blocks?

R: When I’m on a creative block, I like to distract myself from the subject and gather inspiration from everything and everywhere to get myself out of the rut.


T: What’s your summer snack?

R: My favourite summer snack is definitely artisan ice cream by Massimo in Amsterdam or Room in Groningen. My preferred flavours currently are pistachio and cherry.

T: What helps you the most in your personal growth?

R: Listening to my body and intuition helps me a lot when I feel a bit lost. Also reading and meditation are key for me while working on my personal growth.

Instagram: @romybrandsma

Written by TEN Women