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Written on July 1, 2021


Meet Roos Aduagyei, an aspiring female entrepreneur who is a co-founder of the recruitment service Trickle, helping companies with the creation of a more diverse and inclusive workspace. Besides, she is a project manager for Hashtag Workmode, a platform that offers female-focused co-working spaces. This is the perfect place for enterprising women who want to develop into smart and powerful entrepreneurs. Aligned with her values she strives for a better work environment in all of its aspects.


T: Who helped you the most in your career choices?

R: My mum is the first person I go to when I’m in doubt about my career choices. Any doubts, actually. But when it comes to working my mum always tells me what I need to hear and helps me when I have to make tough decisions.

T: What helps you to feel physically strong?

R: Working out. I love my weekly gym visits and I know that’s what I need to get my focus on. It keeps me sane and happy so I’m very thankful that we’re able to go to the gyms again.

T: What is your best life advice?

R: Celebrate your accomplishments – doesn’t matter how small or big. Something that I’m still learning myself each day.

T: How do you build meaningful connections?

R: By truly taking the time to listen to someone. And also by looking at the ways in which you can make each other stronger.


T: How do you get courage in life?

R: By staying connected to my friends and family. They’re all very powerful people and when things get rough, they know just how to help me get my courage back.

T: Where do you find your feminine energy?

R: Definitely in music. All sorts and styles, actually.

Instagram: @roos_aduagyei

Written by TEN Women