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Written on August 22, 2023


Meet Roos Ebregt, a Creative Communications & Community Manager with a creative heart and analytical mindset. Roos has a weakness for meaningful, personalized marketing and captivating storytelling, which can be seen through her photography journey. She recently started a new role as Head of PR and Communications at e45, a Copenhagen-based brand consultancy agency in the music and fashion industry. Coming from a creative home, she has been discovering how to make her passions come to life.


T. Can you share a rewarding moment in your career?

R. Next to my full-time job, I am currently making a passion project of mine come to life. The most rewarding aspect of that is being able to take ownership of a concept from start to finish. Watching how the seed I once planted is gradually starting to grow – and seeing the results of that is incredibly gratifying.



T. Can you share a memorable creative project or idea that left a lasting impact on you?

R. This March, I was invited to a special few days at boutique hotel Park Hotel Mondschein in Bolzano, Italy. I was asked to support as the Creative Producer for two pop-up dinners and a Sunday brunch, fully trusted to envision the look & feel of the event, to create the styling, and to shoot photos during the events. The pop-up was in collaboration with Copenhagen-based chef (and dear friend of mine), Mati Pichci. Trying to create an atmosphere that represented the chef, the menu, ànd the boutique hotel, was a very rewarding challenge.  

With my busy life, I sometimes forget the the significance of such opportunities and hardly stand still during these crucial moments when I have full freedom to express my creativity and am, thus, most contented. This opportunity left a huge impact due to the teams’ trust in my ability to bring something creative to the table.   

T. What makes your work uniquely yours?

R. Doing everything mindfully, with integrity and curiosity.


T. What advice would you give aspiring artists about finding their unique creative voice?

R. Be curious; inspiration can be drawn from anything in the world around you.

T. Can you describe a particular experience that sparked your love for creativity?

R. I grew up in a creative home. My dad plays the guitar and mandolin, and my mom sings in a choir. They even changed my old bedroom into their music room. Moving further up the family tree, my grandfather was a painter, and his oil canvases hung on every wall in his house. This was accompanied by my grandmother’s sculptures. Hence, within our family, creativity was celebrated, in whatever form. 

T. How do you recharge and find inner peace when life gets hectic or overwhelming?

R. I very much appreciate my solitude and make sure I take enough time for myself – preferably deep, deep in nature (or at my parent’s place in the middle of the woods). And if I’m not using sports to calm my mind (I tend to overdo it every now and again ;)), I meditate, write, and I read. I devour books. Books not only help me recharge and rediscover, but they also feed my creativity and soul. 


T. Can you share a meaningful quote or mantra that guides your decision-making and inspires you?

R. “Tearing things apart (is) a powerful aspect of human nature.”
― Patti Smith


Instagram: Roosebregt

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