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Written on January 17, 2022


It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Sarah Neutkens, a very talented young woman working in the creative industry. Sarah wiggles between the arts with naturalness and spontaneity, by being a composer, a writer, a visual artist, a model, and an art historian. Scroll down to read more exciting curiosities about this special art-lover.


T: What was the first big step in your career?

S: Probably deciding to start writing for other instruments than a solo piano! When I finally found the courage to start composing for ensembles and orchestras, a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me.

T: Where do you start when creating an album?

S: Beginnings are sudden: there is no fixed starting point other than having an idea and then diving into it for a full 100%. The idea always comes first, then the actual writing. And eventually, there are the recording sessions, finding a fitting ensemble, thinking about marketing, planning, PR, graphic design, mixing, mastering… The whole circus!

T: What was the most fun thing you ever wrote about?

S: That’s a hard question! I think it may be about the beauty of my latest stay in Morocco.

T: What energizes you about your career?

S: That I work within the field of my biggest passions: fashion, writing, and being able to use my creativity in my daily work.


T: What object do you love the most and why?

S: I’m a sucker for beautiful antiques and I’m an avid collector of many many many things, from seventeenth-century dinner plates and cutlery, strange costumes, and jewelry to receipts with spelling mistakes on them. The object I cherish the most right now is probably one of the rings my parents have gifted me. Emotional value is most important.


T: How would you describe your work identity?

S: I’m practically always working, haha! I can’t live a day without creating, whether it’s writing, composing, drawing, painting… I need to train to find the ‘off’ switch because I need to learn how to live as well!

T: What did you want to be when you were little?

S: An artist! Et voilà!

T: What are your future goals?

S: Learning how to live is my main goal; it’s something I have to get better at!

Instagram: @sarahneutkens

Written by TEN Women