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Written on August 23, 2021


Meet Sela Clark, designer for Amsterdam-based footwear brand Filling Pieces. Her unique taste in fashion and love for all things interior design has caught our attention. With her aries energy, Sela is a self-driven woman who leads her way to her own success.


T: In what ways do you show up for yourself?

S: By honoring my boundaries, not underestimating my abilities and prioritizing my peace (self-care Sunday is my favourite day of the week).

T: What contributes to your personal growth?

S: Making new connections and celebrating small achievements. I also believe in “letting go allows you to grow”, so not holding on to negative energy.

T: What’s your favorite healthy snack?

S: Grapes or chips and guac (semi-healthy).

T: How do you unwind after an intense workday?

S: I wouldn’t call myself a DJ but I have a professional mixer at home which I love to play around with after a long day of work. Now on sunny days by taking the car and drive to the beach and spend the evening there. Facetiming my family or friends also always works, they know how to put a smile on my face.

T: What are your confidence-building activities?

S: Currently I’m practising public speaking. But it can be anything (set small goals and try to go outside of your comfort zone).


T: How do you handle criticism?

S: Really depends on the kind of criticism (sometimes it’s not worth holding on to for too long). However when constructive – listening and letting it sink in. Later reflect and write down action points to turn it around. Also, give yourself time to learn and grow.

Instagram: @selaclark

Written by TEN Women