TEN Women
Written on November 10, 2021


Meet Serana Angelista, a unique talent who is driven by visual culture, graphic design and much more. They describe what them work means to them and how they is always reinventing and improving themself inwards and outwards.

T: What’s one of the projects you worked on that you’re most proud of?

S: That would be art direction for the exhibition Surinamese School I did for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam back in 2020. I think the work in general emancipated the way we look at the white cube gallery space as not neutral anymore.

T: Your work consists of frequent cooperation. When working cross-functionally with other field experts, how do you make sure to be a good team player?

S: Listening is key and also knowing for yourself what you want to learn, and add this to your experience. Knowing where your expertise comes in handy and when you need to lay low.

T: How do you handle yourself when the feedback from a client differs from your own opinion?

S: By reminding myself that being a graphic designer is a service I provide for the client and not for myself. Over the years I have learned to not take it personal because it’s not about me. Sometimes feedback uplifts the work in unexpected ways because feedback is a grey space in the middle, that gives the opportunity to elevate the work to a higher level. It’s a place of learning for the client as well as the designer.

T: Where do you get your inspiration from?

S: In my designs I strive, and low key obsess, to find the right match in color. Therefore I mostly look at fashion. Other things that inspire me are the Africobra movement. An art collective that wanted to communicate the Black aesthetic as a new sense of purpose. It gives me a sense of belonging and motivates me to push through.

T: What’s your favourite museum in the Netherlands?


T: What’s unique about your creative works?

S: Hard to describe but I think the resilience and unapologetic aesthetics I practise and present.

T: What’s the most important skill as a design advisor?

S: Design produces visual culture, as a designer I’m being mindful of what’s being reproduced and I’m inventing new ways of presenting this.

Instagram: @seranaangelista

Written by TEN Women