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Written on June 30, 2021


Sharon Empskmap is a woman whose energy attracts and no wonder why. She is an energy coach who believes in its power to transform human lives to their best. This beautiful soul hopes to make people feel loved, empowered, and excited about life.


T: What do you think of when you hear the word energy?

S: Energy is not something that you have, ‘You are Energy’. That is not just a spiritual approach, but a practical one and personal way of life. The energy puzzle is constantly influenced by your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and how you live up to your values in life. Energy has the innate quality to keep transforming. Here is where you come in! If you want to make a professional or personal shift: you can take charge of your energy and transform your day at work, creating rocking relationships… heck, you can change your life if you want! That’s why Energy is the thing I’m most passionate about.

T: What compliment do you want the most?

S: I recently got a compliment from an old colleague at Spotify and it warmed my heart: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou. I hope I make people feel loved, empowered, and excited about life.

T: What makes you feel most accomplished?

S: It’s my passion to help you bring your dreams to life with the help of Energy Coaching, Group Workshops, and Energy Healing (Reiki)… I feel most accomplished when my coachees reconnect with their talents, how they can impact the world around them whilst managing their energy properly. They realize everything they need is already at hand. They just had to dream big, dig deep by working on their personal obstacles, and create a strategy that works just for them. That’s where the magic happens.

T: What would you tell young women who are just starting to work?

S: You can take charge of your career by starting every day with a vision for yourself. Ask yourself: how do I feel right now, how do I want my day to unfold, looking back at this day, what are my accomplishments, what do I need in order to do so? Close your eyes, breathe deep, and connect with those feelings, thoughts, and your ability to influence people around you. During the day, ground yourself with help of your breath and come back to that vision. Remember, your energy is your superpower. You got this!

T: What’s the last thing you read?

S: I just finished Buddha’s brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom by Richard HansonRichard, M.D. Mendius. I love it when Science and Contemplated practices come together.

T: What’s your “little voice” that keeps you through your work?

S: For me, it’s not just the little voice that communicates with me, it’s an embodied experience and visions that point me in the right direction. The ‘full body hell yes’ I get from the perfect partnership. The goosebumps that come up in a heart-to-heart conversation. The sensory vision that unfolds during visualization, showing me how to move my business forward. It’s all part of that inner voice communication.

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