TEN Women
Written on July 7, 2021


Meet Shelley Nathoenie, who always knows to reach us with her supportive, relaxed and free spirit. Since Shelley is a firm advocate of women’s unique strengths, we feel honored to have her within our community.


T: How do you cultivate your confidence?

S: I cultivate my confidence by remembering that I am surrounded by amazing individuals, friends, and family that love me and believe in me. My work and private motto is that we all have to work together to make the dream work. It gives me a feeling of power to know that I bring people and their visions together.

T: How do you set your goals?

S: I set my goals by determining what is realistic in terms of time and progress. Giving myself time to reach small milestones towards to bigger picture pushes me to get the job done!

T: What’s the most important thing in your morning routine?

S: Most important in my morning routine besides a good cup of coffee is starting with my vitamin pills, a healthy breakfast, and dressing to feel good about myself. This way I know that if any challenges come my way, I can handle them with a positive vibe.

T: What do you like the most about being a woman?

S: What I love most about being a woman is showing the world that our creativity, compassion, and work ethic can not only be combined (we can multitask!) but blends into a combination that shows a unique strength.

T: Who is your fashion inspiration?

S: I don’t have a single inspiration, but I am inspired by every man and woman that stays true to themselves through their styling.

T: What does being an “authentic self” mean to you?

S: Being your authentic self means not be afraid or affected by what others think of you. Follow your own path and journey in life that you believe is best. Whether this is through fashion, art, travel, food, words. Stay true to your gut feeling and instinct and call the most positive and wonderful experience for yourself into existence.

Written by TEN Women