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Written on June 15, 2021


Terry Ringers, the woman that radiates positive energy gives us insights into Marketing Strategy, Social Growth, and Online Success.


T: What is the most powerful thing about being a woman for you?

TR: I think we -as women- have a very powerful mind when it comes to dreaming and doing. We follow our hearts and dare to go the extra mile to reach whatever we set our minds to.

T: How do you develop yourself outside of the work environment?

TR: I am a very knowledge-oriented person, so I often read business-related articles, read books and watch webinars in my free time. This could be about a work-related topic, but also about something totally different, to learn some new skills!

T: What are you most curious about in life?

TR: I am always curious about the ‘next thing’ in my life. While working towards my goal, I am always thinking about my next goal and visualizing it while I go.

T: What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life?

TR: I think it’s courageous to never be afraid to leave a place if you no longer feel inspired or appreciated, both in your work and private life. I make sure I have room to grow wherever I am spending my time. So I left a job when this wasn’t the case anymore and it turned out to be the best decision for me.

T: Who’s the most inspiring woman to you?

TR: I have to say that I only have inspiring women around me. All of my friends are very ambitious and work hard to reach their goals. The most inspiring woman, after all, will always be my mom. She taught me to work hard from a young age, but never lose sight of being caring and create a happy private life for myself as well.

T: What song always gets you out on the dance floor?

TR: Anything by J. Balvin, Rosalia, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna. And don’t we all love some good old-school R&B and 90s hits from time to time?! But I feel like if the vibe in the room is right, the kind of music that’s playing doesn’t matter! I will dance anyway!

T: Your best tip to get social media growth?

TR: I feel like having a lot of followers should not be your focus point (anymore). Gaining a loyal and engaging following should be the goal! How to find your loyal target audience?

Tip 1: Stay true to your (personal) brand and guard it with your life. Your content will become recognizable and the right audience will keep following you and engage more.

Tip 2: Work together with other like-minded people or brands that have the same target group as you to expand your reach within the right target group. This way you can grow in an efficient way.

T: What is your definition of a strong online marketing strategy idea?

TR: A good marketing strategy to keep in mind is to make your decisions and create your designs/campaigns based on your customer data. Keep on (A/B) testing what works best for your target audience and analyze the results thoroughly for every channel you use (both organic and paid). Don’t be afraid to rethink your marketing strategy from time to time to keep up with your customers’ needs. After all, you create marketing for your customer so you should listen to what they want and love!

T: Can you tell us more about your business New Life Collectors?

TR: With my passion for unique interior and accessory finds, I have set up my own business where I give beautiful vintage treasures a second life. Lately, I have been working on the expansion of my platform and cool things are coming up. Keep an eye out for the Instagram @newlifeconnectors!

Instagram: @terryringers

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