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Written on December 5, 2022


Meet Tiff Mcfierce, a DJ, wellness advocate, writer, speaker and entrepreneur. She creates community, conversation and self care for Women of colour through her wellness brand Look In. Look In is a restorative community aiming to awaken and creating a space for all women of colour to heal through the power of music, movement and meditation. Tiff was the first woman resident DJ for the New York Knicks at Madison square, where she really moved the people with music.

T. What or who made you fall in love with music?

TM. Truth be told, I believe music is just apart of me, a gift given to me through the divine. It seems to have been in me since the beginning!

T. What inspires you the most within the field of your work?

TM. Storytelling while writing and speaking and hearing others experiences, supporting people’s thoughts, ideas & talents through community curation and events I do through music and wellness, and watching people light up & tap into their source while I’m DJing really inspire me. Seeing people in their growth & liberation while learning from them as well keeps me locked in.

T. How important is building a strong close community to you?

TM. Community is integral. We have roads in our lives that will take solitude stepping, but being able to reside in alignment with others is a human & soul need. You can’t, and shouldn’t, have to tackle life alone. Being in true, healthy community is something I pray we can all get back to.

T. What was the starting point for Look IN?

TM. My health & wellness journey sparked a more consistent place to dive into wellness through creating Look IN. The challenges I was facing, along with being and still having a lack of space for Black women and our specific needs in wellness. Wellness being colonized & leaving out Black & brown/women of color while taking from marginalized peoples ancestral & indigenous practices to leave us out was, and is tiring. I wanted Look IN to create space for all different women of color and the multitude of ways we are and need to be well.

T. What is your key element in balancing your lifestyle?

TM. Not making my life about society’s indoctrinated opinions, or even the ideas I’ve had of who I think I am. Once you start to realize it’s ok to shed those things that aren’t true and do not serve your grow or authenticity, there’s a natural balance that starts to uncover itself. All the tools and tapping in through doing, (breath work, nature, music, movement and meditation which are Look INs 3 pillars, etc.), and even not doing and just BEING, is the daily practice and lesson of being in balance for me. This is ongoing.

T. Who is your biggest female role model and why?

TM. My younger self. I usually will say someone else but I’ve got to give her all the flowers because I am amazed at how she continued on through so much. I’m forever thankful to her for never giving up.

T. What are you most proud of about yourself in the past year?

TM. Committing to the journey. This past year I let up more forcing, and leaned into surrender & flow. Really understanding how to set a clear boundary, while still finding flexibility & learning without defense is something I am proud of. I am also proud of moving on & letting go of things that have had their time to make space for new ways I look forward to sharing my work, service & creativity!

Instagram: @tiffmcfierce

Written by TEN Women