TEN Women
Written on July 28, 2021


Meet Vera Lobik, owner and creative director of Vlo Studios, who offers art direction, photography & styling. She’s an intuitive visionary and strategist with an ambition to create elevated and inspirational visual identities.


T: What makes visual branding interesting for you?

V: The possibility to bring more beauty into this world. I find it incredible how visual branding can provoke a feeling and lift your spirit, how it can transform something mediocre into a remarkable statement.

T: What is your unique selling point?

V: My guiding principles are simplicity, beauty and utility. In my opinion, less can be more.

T: What’s your precious accessory?

V: My vintage ring collection that I collect from different auction websites and antique stores around the world.

T: What’s your message for start-ups?

V: Consider the experience as much as your product or service.

T: How to shift perspectives?

V: Move away from your Pinterest board or Instagram and try finding inspiration in books, architecture and art instead.

T: Define the feeling of accomplishment.

V: Turning a client’s ideas into a beautiful, coherent brand that is an unforgettable experience for the consumer.

Instagram: @veralobik

Written by TEN Women