Written on February 2, 2022


We had the incredible chance of interviewing Wayta, a talented art director and photographer. Every day her works contribute to making an impact in the Fashion and Advertising industry. Are you curious to know more about her? Then keep reading for some unique curiosities about her profile.

T: What’s the most fun job you’ve ever had?

W: I’ve had so many fun jobs. I can’t really choose one in particular. But all the jobs I loved, were jobs where the clients completely trusted my creative vision, and I had room to play outside the existing briefing.

T: What is your favorite shoe?

W: I only wear sneakers and heels. Nothing in between. My favorite sneaker is the Jordan 4. And my favorite heels at the moment are everything Amina Muaddi.

T: What are your biggest dreams?

W: I would like women of color to own and recognize their power. Too often we communicate with our insecurities which drive us apart. I think we are so much stronger than we think and can accomplish so much more if we allow each other to grow.

T: What was the first client you worked for and what did you do for them?

W: My first commercial client was Puma back in 2009. I shot a Gorillas campaign for a new shoe through Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

T: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

W: I would like to own multiple properties and have a healthy work/life balance.

T: When did you discover your creative side and how?

W: My parents are both Architects and my grandma was a fashion editor for a magazine. My creative inspiration was all around me since birth. I started to realize I wanted to be creative at the early age of 5. As soon as I saw what the possibilities were.

T: What was the best vacation you ever experienced and why?

W: I’ve been privileged to have experienced multiple wonderful vacations. I really love to explore and make memories with loved ones. But I think my weddingmoon with my best friends in Aruba has got to be the best yet.