TEN Women
Written on July 14, 2021


Whitney Telgt is a self-love expert and trainer, a woman with a bright spirit and loving energy. She shines with her confidence and ‘’sprinkles a little magic everywhere she goes,’’ as she describes in her own words.


T: What does self-love mean to you?

W: What self-love means to me is; being your own unique self, doing what makes you happy and growing and glowing in your body and mind.

T: What makes you feel the most confident?

W: The fact that being myself is enough (for ME!). When I look in the mirror I get happy!

T: What advice would you give to a 20-year-old self?

W: You are not fat, you are not “slow”, do what makes YOU happy, and don’t forget to beYOUtiful!

T: What are your best qualities?

W: I love really hard, I love to help people. I am creative and a good listener. I feel like a unicorn sometimes because I sprinkle a little magic everywhere I go.

T: How do you express your love to others?

W: I FEED them! They call me a feeder! But I also love to surprise them with small gifts or cards filled with love.

T: How would you spend your ideal birthday?

W: Starting my day with a pancake breakfast, then going on a safari (somewhere in Africa) and ending the day with a beautiful pink/purple sunset. Of course with my loved ones.

Instagram: @lovewhitneyyy

Written by TEN Women