Corina Pall
Written on October 6, 2021


Does your life look like the life of your dreams? What’s missing? Most of us tend to ask these questions from time to time. I do too! This is the moment when I pause and look within. Why within? Well, because mentally I know that every answer is within me. I can’t always find it. But I know it’s there. When my Ego is desperate to find the answers, it’s using every method even an imaginary magnifying glass to screen every part of my being. Searching and examining every cell and atom of my being.
“My Ego finds it hard to give up and keeps on pushing.
Feeling mentally exhausted I decide to surrender. Somehow, I remember that whatever I’m looking for is not visible to my mind and my Ego but is felt in my heart. Here, in the depths of my heart I know that I’m pure consciousness born out of an intention.
I didn’t choose this path of self-discovery. This path has chosen me and I’m deeply grateful for allowing it. I’ve learned so many things since I’ve embarked on the self-discovery journey and trained as a life coach initially, then deep transformational coach and meditation coach.
All my training has brought me closer to the infinite life force energy or the source that flows through me. It amplified the connection to my Spirit. You may call it a different name like God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna. The Spirit that flows through me, flows through all of us. I’m not special in any way. I’ve just learned to acknowledge it and connect to it in my meditations. And every time I close my eyes and feel my breath.
“The moment I connect to Spirit, I feel a sense of peace and reassurance that everything is unfolding in perfect order.
I feel aligned with the universal Spirit of intention. In the book “A Shift in Being” Leon Vanderpol mentions that the energy of Spirit is very subtle, you can only hear it when you slow down, take deep breaths, meditate, ground your energy, and listen to your heart. It’s a diligent practice. It takes time and perseverance. What we tend to hear first is the voice of the Ego because it shouts desperately in our ears complaining and never being satisfied!!!
The Spirit is infused with the most beautiful intentions. It’s the host for the energy of love, peace, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, joy, trust, calm, kindness and many more. Whenever you wish to connect with your intentions and listen to your Spirit, give yourself permission to slow down and take deep breaths, gently close your eyes, and meditate on your intentions. Meditation is the place where you connect to the energy of Spirit and focus your attention on your intentions.
We live in an abundant Universe, everything we need is already there. Our job is to become aware of our thoughts and consciously choose thoughts that raise our vibrations. When we are aligned with the vibration of Spirit beautiful people, and experiences flow towards us with ease and joy.
Knowing what to desire can be hard. Most of us are afraid of choosing wrong and wondering what if “that” would have been better. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions to know what you want. Rest your awareness in your heart and listen. Deeply listen with the presence of your heart and not your mind. The heart is the most intelligent organ in the body and the first one to be created in the embryo. When intentions come from the heart you will feel a sense of peace and trust. When intentions come from the egoic mind, you will notice a sense of restlessness within your physical body.
“To be clear on your intentions:
  • Write down a list of intentions of how you would like to experiment this time on earth.
  • Have it somewhere visible so you can be reminded every day of your intentions.
  • Every time you meditate pick an intention and focus your attention on it.
Your intentions will help you create more of what you want in your life.
Written by Corina Pall
Corina is a meditation coach and deep transformational coach who is passionate about teaching people how to be present in the here and now. With her meditations you will learn how to dive deeper into the essence of your soul, connect to your true self and feel in alignment with your heart’s desire. Corina has been serving others over 7 years through coaching, guided meditations and energy healing.