Everything in the universe is energy, vibration, and sound. Us too! The more sensitive you are to your own energy the easier it is to notice when your energy feels “yucky” or imbalanced. You all know how good it feels when you are full of energy, vibrating at a higher level with joy and happiness!

Nevertheless, life is not always rosy as we sometimes absorb negative energy from places and people we meet. We have all ventured to busy places like a shopping mall or met someone when almost instantly we felt a drop in our energy. We are like sponges, and we absorb energy from people and places all the time. When we pick up negative energy, we tend to store it in our body unconsciously. Piling up on negative energy without releasing it daily can lead to dis-ease.

That’s why it is very important to constantly clear and cleanse your energy and the energy of your home. The more you “tune in” to your body’s frequency the more accustomed you will become with your own energy vibration and sound. This will help you to identify when your energy doesn’t feel good to you and that could signify that you are due for an energy cleanse.

"If you pick up on other people’s energy, it’s also helpful to release their energy back to them and claim your own energy back into your body.

If you are new to energy cleansing, this might sound a bit like woo-woo and you might feel sceptical at first. That’s ok! You are not the only one feeling like that. Enter this whole experience with a childlike curiosity. Like with all new beginnings this process starts with awareness. Becoming aware of the subtle shifts in your own energy is an asset for life. You can practice tuning into your own vibration and sound by meditating or spending time in silence or solitude.

There are many tools to cleanse your energy and one of them is to visualise releasing all negative energy through an imaginary grounding cord.

"Find a quiet space and welcome the experience.
  • Take a few deep breaths and turn your attention inward sensing your energy

  • Set an intention to release all negative energy

  • Visualise a grounding cord extending from the base of your spine and connecting you to Earth’s energy

  • Observe how the grounding cord moves through soil, dirt, rocks, pebbles, sand, water until it finally reaches the core of the Earth

  • Allow your grounding cord to rest here for the next few breaths

  • Begin releasing through your grounding cord all negative energy you feel in your body

  • Feel the energy charge moving through your body, sliding down your grounding cord and landing into the Earth.

  • On your next inhale begin drawing up new energy from the Earth. The energy of love, inner peace, compassion, loving kindness, trust, acceptance, forgiveness.

  • Invite your body to engage with this beautiful energy. In your mind’s eye visualise a beautiful bright light moving up your legs and into your whole body radiating through all the cells and atoms of your being.

  • You are grounded, centered and protected in this moment.

Repeat the process at the end of each day or every time you feel an energetic imbalance.

Another tool to cleanse your energy is to smudge yourself.

I like to use sage and palo santo for myself and my home. To keep your energetic field healthy and vibrating at a higher frequency a good practice is to smudge yourself daily.

Begin the process by setting an intention to release negative energy and invite loving and positive energy. As you burn the sage or palo santo, allow the smoke to come over all your body. See if you can sense a shift in your energy. There is no pressure to feel something for the first time. The more you practice it the more receptive you will be to your own energy.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered in form. When you are cleansing your body of negative energy, you invite that energy to be transformed and transmuted into positive energy.

For more questions on how to sense your energy please feel free to get in touch.

Article by Corina Pall

Corina is a meditation coach and deep transformational coach who is passionate about teaching people how to be present in the here and now. With her meditations you will learn how to dive deeper into the essence of your soul, connect to your true self and feel in alignment with your heart’s desire. Corina has been serving others over 7 years through coaching, guided meditations and energy healing.