Meet ARINDY MELATI. This woman stands out with her gentleness, pure sense of beauty and priceless work that reshapes the fashion industry. With her talent in fashion and passion to create she strives to decrease the fashion industry waste. Arindy's brand MELATI strives to increase slow and intentional fashion by providing inclusive sizing and this way improving the whole fashion production process. MELATI is a brand that offers one-off pieces for vivacious women, who want to not only look good but also to be conscious of their actions and their environmental impact in this world.

T: What brings you good energy?

A: The proudness and fulfillments of my family. Their satisfaction just gives sparks on so many levels.

T: What is your favourite part of having your own fashion brand?

A: Feeling freedom. That I’m able to move and create from a perspective that I believe in and is sincere. Also that I’m giving away the thought of possibilities. The motivation to inspire someone who thought they might not do it themselves.

T: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Anything that comes from love.

T: What is your best act of self-love?

A: Reflect, forgive, accept and a lot of praying.

T: What motivates you to level up?

A: The world.. the culture.. the youth.. there are so many wounds, so much beauty that isn’t told yet. So much truth that hasn’t come to light yet. I want to take part in that.

T: What does fashion mean to you?

A: to me it’s a definition of someone’s route, their way of life or expression. Like a movie. you dress a person to understand the character.

T: What's your strong suit?

A: Analyzing its purity or authenticity and let it speak out loud.

Instagram: @arindymelati

Photo shoots from MELATI

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