Meet the kind-hearted Natasja Arie. A woman who we loved to interview because of her positive energy and colourful personality. Read on to end your day with some positivity.

T: What is the one must from the physical environment you surround yourself at?

N: Loads of flowers and plants.

T: What makes you feel most at home?

N: The people I love and my dog.

T: What does success mean to you?

N: An adventurous and joyful life.

T: What other women you have drawn your professional inspiration from?

N: Every single woman I’ve encountered throughout my career.

T: How can women be empowered while maintaining their femininity?

N: By realizing that femininity is a source of power. Utilize, display and embrace it as much as you can.

T: What is your favourite visual piece that you received as a gift (or gifted to yourself)?

N: One of the early works of bestie Sarah van Sonsbeeck.

Instagram: @natasja.arie

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