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The lovely mom, online creative and model Teesh Rosa enlightens us with her purpose to spread love and light.

T: What would you have done differently in your younger years if you were provided with the knowledge you have now?

T.R: I would have based my choices on my own needs and wants, regardless of what others think.

T: In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar you’ve mentioned that you interpret spirituality as a higher state of consciousness of your own emotions and that you’re able to clarify your purpose on earth through the process. What is your purpose on this earth and how does that complement your choices in life? Can you tell us more about your life purpose?

T.R: A life purpose is all-encompassing for me. But if I have to define my main purpose, it is to love. To spread love and light.

T: What is your biggest challenge and realization as a creative?

T.R: The difficulty to find a balance between being online and offline.

T: You like to be creative in different areas. What are the creative developments in your world right now?

T.R: I'm so busy right now that I don't have much time for that. This question got me thinking haha! I really need to make more time for that, because it's there. Yuna is going to school in a month, so I hope to create more time for myself to explore my creative side.

T: What did you learn from raising your daughter Yuna as a young mother?

T.R: That it's a blessing. I got Yuna at a time in my life when I was still very much discovering myself. I was a real late bloomer. So in that respect I thought I was young, I was 23. Now I really see that as a blessing because through my role as a mother I learn more about myself. Yuna is really a mirror and she motivates me in everything I do. She really is my best friend.

T: How do you manage your time as a mom?

T.R: This is still a big focus for me! I'm a bit of a mess, but I really know how to plan. I was really good at that as a kid. So I think I need to find my inner child! I do notice that when I pay attention to it, everything really runs much smoother. But with kids, things don't always go as planned.

T: What do you want to pass on to your daughter from your own upbringing?

T.R: I was raised in a strict religious way. I personally have chosen not to continue that in my life to that extent, but I do find a relationship with God very important. So I pass that on to Yuna in my own way. Many biblical principles are basic principles that teach you to be humble and grateful for life.

T: What's your favorite family memory?

T.R: My favorite family memory is our vacations. We didn't have a lot in the past, but enough to have a nice life. So our holidays were always very special. Especially when we went camping.

T: A feeling you end the day with?

T.R: Gratitude. I try to think of a least 3 good things that have happened that day.

Instagram: @teeshrosa

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